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Learn More About Our GAP Protection

For many of us, our cars are like our home away from home. We can’t imagine life without a vehicle. Although it is not a problem commonly discussed, if your vehicle is declared a total loss due to an accident or theft, how can you ensure that you aren’t left responsible for the remaining balance… Read more »

Learn More About Our Paintless Dent Repair

Little dings and dents are often unavoidable and are extremely frustrating to see on your vehicle – especially when it is new. To keep your investment looking its best without unnecessary worry, PermaPlate offers a Paintless Dent Repair Program for the repair of dents and dings where the paint surface has not been broken. How… Read more »

Learn More about Our Window Tints

Tinted windows are a great way to increase privacy while protecting your family from the sun’s harmful rays. Tinted windows also reduce glare and heat for a safer, more comfortable ride.  PermaPlate offers two different types of window tints, both of which are available in five levels, depending on your state laws and preferences. SolarPlate… Read more »

What Color Vehicle is Right for You?

Everyone has heard the urban legend that red cars get pulled over more than vehicles painted in more muted hues, and while this is probably just another old wives tale your grandma told to keep you away from the flashy sports car you wanted in your twenties, the color of your vehicle does say something… Read more »

Keep Your Kids Safe and Your Vehicle Clean This Winter

Kids and cars don’t mix well, especially during the cold and snowy winter months. From slippery parking lots to slushy footprints on the rugs and mittens dropped under the seats, there are plenty of problems that parents face when transporting their young children when it’s snowing. While the safety of your kids is your number… Read more »

Stay Safe on Icy and Snowy Roads this Winter

Regardless of whether you are a new or experienced driver, winter weather can make the roads dangerous to navigate. Between the years 2004 and 2013, 22 percent of vehicle crashes were attributed to weather-related problems like wet pavement, snow and slush. To keep yourself and your family safe as you are traveling this winter, PermaPlate… Read more »

Door Edge and Cup Guard Protection

Extra Protection to Reduce Damage to: • Door edges from contact made when opening doors in tight confines • Door handle areas from scratches caused by small objects You’ve seen those small scratches around vehicle door handles from jewelry, keys, or long fingernails and those small nicks on door edges from contact made when opening… Read more »

PermaPlate Paintguard® Ultimate Paint Protection

• Oxidation and fading caused by the sun’s powerful ultra-violet rays• Corrosion caused by sea and road salt, acid rain, and industrial fallout• Discoloration caused by bird droppings and tree sap The quality and success of Paintguard stems from two decades of innovative product research and testing. Without protection, your vehicle’s paint finish is easy… Read more »