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Explore the 2018 BMW X2

The 2018 X2 has finally arrived and taken its place in the BMW premium crossover lineup. The new 2018 BMW X2 combines the power of the X1 with a fresh new style and improved driving dynamics along with many other features! Under the Hood The 2018 X2 features a 2-liter TwinPower turbocharged four-cylinder engine that… Read more »

Spotlight Shines on 2018 BMW M5

Spotlight Shines on 2018 BMW M5

We love hearing about new car releases, and the 2018 BMW M5 is the most recent release to get our attention. Why? This sports car has plenty of benefits to offer customers. The 2018 BMW M5, equipped with four-wheel drive, plenty of power and exceptional speed, is a new release that is turning heads. Recently,… Read more »

Most Interesting Automotive Innovations at CES 2016

CES 2016 kicked off in Las Vegas yesterday morning and some of the most exciting innovations in the showroom can be found in the automotive area. Here at PermaPlate, we are always interested in up-and-coming automotive technology, and there were plenty of unique showcases that have caught our attention at CES. BMW This year, BMW… Read more »

New BMW i3 Game Changer

Electric cars are becoming more popular within the car market. The new BMW i3 is sure to speed up that process. The i3 is an all-electric car that, in my real world testing, can do 120kms even when you zip about on the motorway. Added to that, my test car came with a range extender… Read more »

Mercedes to Outsell BMW??

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed (at least until December 31), things are looking pretty good for Mercedes. BMW has outsold Mercedes for the past two years. However, Mercedes changed the name of the game when they introduced their new CLA. A combination of lower pricing, better gas mileage and an elegant luxurious look and… Read more »

BMW’s New Electric i3 Car is a Lightweight

We literally mean lightweight. At the Frankfurt Auto Show, BMW revealed it’s new plans to make the BMW i3 electric car reach a longer range by creating the body of the car out of carbon fiber. This will help counteract the heavier battery needed to reach a longer range. You might be asking yourself why… Read more »

BMW EV Owners Might Get Loaner Cars

It is rumored that BMW is considering the possibility of offering “loaner cars” to customers who need to take long trips and are anxious about taking it with an EV car. This is purely speculation at this point, and nothing has been announced, but rumors seem to suggest that this proposal is being seriously considered…. Read more »

BMW Concept Motorcycle

Source: This BMW Concept Motorcycle desigj was first showcased four years ago in Milan. However, it is just now being built to honor BMW’s 90 anniversary. The new bike, which is still being called the concept bike, is likely to be the last new model that will have an airhead-type engine. BMW will start… Read more »

PermaPlate’s Top Five Stories for December

1. Toyota and Lexus are Best in Resale Value 2. Photo Gallery: BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo M Sport 3. How do we wash our car that has the Perma Plate Paintguard application? 4. 2012 LA Auto Show Day 2 – Porsche Cayman, New Range Rover 5. Stretch Electric – World’s First Electric Nissan LEAF Limo Debuts in Tennessee

Best Cars to Modify

The best cars to modify really depends on styling, preference and taste. However, the folks over at have attempted to put together a comprehensive list to hopefully capture a little bit of taste of every consumer. Nissan 370ZThirsty and with an appalling boot for a car of its size, practicality was quickly thrown out… Read more »

2013 BMW Series: First Look

The BMW 7 Series has just been revealed. It is boasting enhanced powertrain capabilities which are to improve overall performance. This line up includes an Active Hybrid 7 car with an all new Inline 6 Cylinder engine. The 2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 7 can also run purely on electric power. If the hybrid battery has sufficient… Read more »