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Toyota to Introduce Fleet of Electric Vehicles by Early 2020s

As of right now, Toyota doesn’t have a single electric vehicle in its entire fleet, which has been surprising given the moves that other automotive manufacturers have been making towards electric-power. That is all expected to change very soon, however, according to a decision that was announced by Toyota Motor Corp. in mid-December.   As… Read more »

Volvo Commits to Electric Engines as of 2019

Volvo Commits to Electric Engines as of 2019

Many car manufacturers have been working hard to produce more electric models and Volvo recently made a major commitment to follow that trend. Volvo has announced plans to produce all new Volvo models as electrics or hybrids as of 2019 and phase out the conventional engine. Although many car manufactures have been working to offer… Read more »

Cars Continue to Go Green in 2017

In recent years, hybrids and electrical vehicles have become a major focus of the automotive industry. According to Green Car Reports, over half a million carbon-cutting hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and full electric vehicles were sold in the United States. The automotive industry is going green as consumers demand cars that are environmentally focused. The American… Read more »

Adding Noise to Electric Cars

One of the best features of the electric cars are that they are extremely quiet. Unlike us, plenty of consumers don’t find that particularly appealing, which is why companies like Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler are undertaking the task to ADD noise to their electric cars.  Daimler isn’t alone in adding noise to electric cars. Renault offers… Read more »

Battery With a 600 Mile Range?

Recent rumors were floating around the blogsphere that Toyota had developed an new Sodium-Ion battery with a range of 600 miles. Not quite true says “The researchers confirm that the new battery has the potential to extend driving range. However, they did not say, “We may also be able to achieve a driving range… Read more »

Cheap EV Car

If you are looking for a cheap EV car, then you might want consider the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive. It costs about $25,000 but you should receive a $7500 tax credit to make the final price $17,500. The only drawback of this car is the low 33mpg that the car gets. That doesn’t seem quite… Read more »

A Second Life for the Electric Car Battery

With gas inching towards $5.00 a gallon, electric cars are starting to look better! However, electric cars do not come without significant problems, and possibly cost. Researchers acknowledge that any rechargeable battery will gradually lose its capacity to store energy after repeated cycles of charging and discharging. Once storage capacity falls below a certain level,… Read more »

Plug In Hybrid Electric Car From Honda by 2012

Honda is on board to produce an electric car by 2012. ” Honda Motor Co. plans to launch a plug-in hybrid and a battery electric model in the U.S. and Japan and mapped out other plans to put greener vehicles on the road as rivals catch up with more fuel-efficient cars. Outlining a medium-term strategy,… Read more »