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2018 Ford Mustang Proves to Be Impressive

Ford Mustang 2018

When most consumers hear the word mustang, they think of a powerful, fast car with an enticing sports-driven exterior. The 2018 Ford Mustang GT is exceptionally fast, hitting 60 mph in under four seconds. If you’re looking to purchase a 2018 Ford Mustang with speed capabilities, you’ll have to purchase the Mustang GT with Ford’s… Read more »

3D Printed Car Parts Could Become Standard

With self-driving cars often the focus of the car industry’s future, Ford shook things up when they announced plans to start 3D printing car parts. Ford is hoping to produce large, 3D car parts using a 3D printer called the “Stratasys Infinite Build 3D.” Ford believes that printing car parts could help simplify the manufacturing… Read more »

Collectible Car Options for 2017

Many people collect cars as a hobby and many collectible cars date back several decades.  However, different cars become ideal each year for car collectors. Most cars become discontinued and are never worth the time, effort, and money of a professional car collector. However, with each year, some cars are labeled as cars that could… Read more »

Ford Puts Faith and Cash into Self-Driving Cars

We have written several posts about the concept of self-driving cars and how they will absolutely become reality in the near future. In fact, Ford recently invested one billion dollars due to their unwavering faith in the heavily anticipated self-driving car future. This past Friday, Ford announced that they are going to invest five billion… Read more »

Cars May Eventually Monitor Your Health

Technology has changed many of the items we use every day including phones, watches, computers, and cars. From watches that tell us our heart rate to bracelets that monitor our every step, monitoring our health has become a focus of changing technology. Our cars may eventually monitor our health as well and the majority of… Read more »

Ford’s New Twist On The Keypad

The classic touchpad key system on Ford doors may soon get a big upgrade. According to, a new patent released by Blue Oval showcases a redesigned unlocking system, moving the well-known keypad off of the car door and onto the car fob. The car fob will feature a small touch screen, similar to those… Read more »

What is Lidar?

The successful evening drive performed by Ford’s autonomous Fusion has the auto industry buzzing, as nighttime driving is one of the biggest hurdles that self-driving cars face. Tested in complete darkness on a test course in Arizona, the vehicle relied completely on its Velodyne LiDAR technology and 3D maps of the area. According to Ford… Read more »

The Weekend In Review: Autonomous Car News

As we saw at CES 2016, completely autonomous cars are on the horizon with companies like Tesla, Mercedes and BMW already releasing vehicles with self-driving features. Over the past weekend a Tesla software update went live and Ford announced a plan to test drive self-driving vehicles in the snow, bringing us one step closer to… Read more »

Most Interesting Automotive Innovations at CES 2016

CES 2016 kicked off in Las Vegas yesterday morning and some of the most exciting innovations in the showroom can be found in the automotive area. Here at PermaPlate, we are always interested in up-and-coming automotive technology, and there were plenty of unique showcases that have caught our attention at CES. BMW This year, BMW… Read more »

Auto review: 2014 Ford C-Max Energi

Looking for a great review on the 2014 Ford C-Max Energi? “There’s something cool about the C-MAX shape. Every surface was smoothed to enhance airflow, but the flanks are distinguished by Ford’s multifaceted chrome-slat grille, beefy fender arches and 17-inch machined aluminum wheels shod in low-rolling resistance tires. Only the little round door in the… Read more »

Ford Cuts 2014 Ford Focus Price

It seems that many car company’s are dropping the price on their electric vehicles and Ford is no exception.Following the lead from GM and Nissan Ford is dropping their Ford Focus electric car base price from $39,200 to $35,200.

Can’t Blame Ford for Trying

Source: We wish you Happy Holidays and leave you with Ford’s all new Concept Santa Sleigh…it is oh so wrong.

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid

A review of the 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid brings some disappointing features to ligh. Although the reviewer initially sounded excited that the Ford C-Max was possibly a better car than the Prius, it seemed test after test confirmed that it is more likely on the same level as a Prius. Starting with the interior, it… Read more »

Vehicle to Vehicle Car Commuication

Will a car that receives input from outside sources be safer. That is what a study put together my GM, Ford, University of Michigan and the Department of Transportation are trying to find out. The theory is that if cars could receive input such as road conditions, traffic, or even which way you are heading,… Read more »

The Top 150 Best Selling Cars Around The Globe

Our love of lists is well documented on this blog. However, we have found the mother lode of all lists at A complete list of 150 Best Selling Cars around the Globe. Coming in at number one on the list is the Toyota Corolla. This happened to be last years winner as well. Right… Read more »

Ford’s Mustang Customizer App

Ford has recently launched an app that will allow you to customer the look of the Mustang. Once you customize the app, you can then save it and let people vote over who has the best looking Mustang. Since we relaunched the online Mustang Customizer for 2013 models in June, more than 120,000 people have… Read more »

Focus ST Improves Gas Mileage

The Ford Focus ST is getting some buzz on it’s 23/32 MPG rating. Of course the buzz may only be from Ford itself. The ST’s 23/32 rating puts it slightly ahead of the VW GTI, which doesn’t have nearly the power, and well ahead of the Mazdaspeed3. While Ford’s Facebook fans often possess all the… Read more »