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2018 Honda Accord Improves Sedan Stereotype

Sedans often earn the reputation of being “average,” and many consumers don’t consider them because of their size and simplicity. The latest Honda Accord 2018 appears to be a bit shorter in length and lower to the ground, which contributes to its sport-themed sedan appearance. The car does, however, have four doors which is a… Read more »

Purchasing the Car You Need

For many Americans, car shopping is about finding the car that best suits your family and lifestyle. Most families look to purchase cars with solid safety ratings, plenty of room for the little ones, good gas mileage, and so forth.   Forbes recently highlighted the most practical cars and crossovers for 2017 and we’ve highlighted… Read more »

Honda Fit Get’s More Spacious

Fan’s of the Honda Fit will be pleased to hear that the latest upgrades will leave the car with more room, more efficiency and a quieter cabin. The five-seat, 2015 Fit, with 130-horsepower four cylinder, comes with a whopping 95.7 cubic feet of space for passengers. This is more than the passenger volume in a… Read more »

Honda Accord Beat Toyota Camry in Production

In a surprising upset this year by Honda in North America, it was announced that about 100,000 more Accords were built this year than Camry’s. When first reading this article we thought it suggested that Camry was loosing popularity due to the Accord. However, that’s not quite true. Toyota and Honda, along with Nissan Motor… Read more »

Honda’s New Hydrogen Powered Car

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Honda’s New Tag Line

Honda is getting ready to roll out their new tag line “Start Something Special”.   “The idea is that it’s not a car, it’s a relationship,” Mr. Accavitti said in an interview. He said Honda owners give names to their cars more than owners of any other brand.”We’re going to show what’s so special about… Read more »

2014 Honda get 49 MPG

It looks like Honda is trying make a big impression with their new 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid. It boasts achievements of 49 MPG city, 45 MPG highway, and 47 MPG combined fuel efficiency. The Honda comes with a powerful electric propulsion system which gives it the ability to drive the Honda in “electric-only mode.” This 4-Door Front Wheel… Read more »

Honda’s Solution to a Dirty Car

The latest addition to the Honda minivan is not a spectacular new chassis or an engine that get’s 100mpg but a vacuum. At first this seemed a little silly to us until we thought back to our last vacation when we became frustrated with the junk that had built up in the car. Suddenly, the… Read more »

Honda Civic Get’s Bad News From Consumer Reports

Let’s admit that the last couple of years for Honda have not been so great. The Honda brand once had the reputation of being the most reliable car with top notch safety features. However, after taking too many shortcuts to save money,they seemed to have lost their way since 2012. Enter the latest reports on… Read more »

Honda Going Solar

Honda is jumping into the solar power energy ring with a $65 million partnership investment into SolarCity. They are looking to make solar power technology available and affordable to their customers. “We believe Honda and Acura customers are going to be very interested in going solar once they find out that they can install solar… Read more »

Honda Civic 2013 Update

Honda Civic took the auto industry by storm for many, many years. However, the last couple of years has seen the brand getting a little stale and a little bland. They began cutting corners in building the car and the overall brand has begun a backwards slide. The design has also seen very few improvements… Read more »

2013 Honda Accord Sedan Revealed

Taking a look at the new 2013 Honda Accord Sedan brings us flash backs of when we first viewed the Hyuandai Elantra. It seems to captivate our attention. “This car is the most sculpted and the most dynamic Accord yet,” said Vicki Poponi, assistant vice president of product planning for American Honda. “Following Honda’s long-held… Read more »

Which Cars Not Worth the Extra Cost?

In a recent article it has been found the the Chevy Cruz Eco, the Ford Focus SFE and the Honda Civic HF are not worth the extra cost of purchasing them to save on gas mileage. This is extremely disappointing as we have had our eye on that Chevy Cruz. According to the Los Angeles… Read more »