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Porsche Uses Cutting Edge Technology to Repair Cars

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About 70 percent of all Porsche cars that have been manufactured over the course of the last 70 years are still out on the road today which speaks to how well most Porsche cars are made. Porsche recently introduced Tech Look Live, a new technological feature that is going to allow the mechanics at Porsche… Read more »

A Look at the Future through the Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid

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One of the most prominent trends in the automotive industry right now is the preparation for a renewable energy future. Driven by new emissions standards and a changing market, car manufacturers across the world are rethinking the way cars are built. Porsche is currently one brand at the forefront of that movement and the release… Read more »

Details Discovered on 2020 Porsche Mission E

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Porsche is yet another manufacturer that is working to develop an all-electric vehicle. The prototype of the Porsche Mission E, which is expected to be the first all-electric Porsche, was recently spotted driving in Weissach, Germany. Porsche’s all-electric car, the Porsche Mission E, is expected to debut in 2020 but a near-production model was spotted… Read more »

Porsche Produces Priciest 911 Car Yet

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Porsche just released the 2018 Porsche 911 GTS RS, which is now the fastest and most advanced model yet. Porsche revealed the latest 2018 Porsche 911 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England, a car that has plenty of technological advancements and plenty of power. This car has a lot of features worth mentioning,… Read more »

Jaguar F-Type v Porsche Boxster

In a perfect world, the Jaguar F-Type would never be compared to the Porsche Boxster. Simply stated, anything trying to compare itself to the Porsche Boxster should just walk away in shame. Serious miserable shame that clings on to you for the rest of your life as you make poor decision after poor decision leading… Read more »

Toy Car Porsche only $900

If you are looking for a luxary GoKart then consider the Porsche toy cart for a bargain price of only $900! The company’s Go-Kart pedal car is designed for children starting at age five and can accommodate kids who are as much as five feet tall and 110 pounds. The car weighs in at a… Read more »

PermaPlate’s Top Five Stories for December

1. Toyota and Lexus are Best in Resale Value 2. Photo Gallery: BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo M Sport 3. How do we wash our car that has the Perma Plate Paintguard application? 4. 2012 LA Auto Show Day 2 – Porsche Cayman, New Range Rover 5. Stretch Electric – World’s First Electric Nissan LEAF Limo Debuts in Tennessee

More about the 918 Porsche Spyder

More details about the 918 Porsche Spyder have been leaked, starting with an actual date the Spyder will be available for viewing by the public. The public unveiling will take place at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show. Speculation about the differences between the concept and the actual car begin with the V8 Engine, which was… Read more »

Porsche to unveil 918 Spyder coupe at Detroit show

The new Porsche 918 Spyder is finally going to be revealed at the Detroit auto show. This comes after a four your hiatus from the popular Detroit auto show. The two-seater vehicle will be a concept race car with a V8 engine relying on about 600 horsepower, said the people, who asked not to be… Read more »

L.A. Auto Show: 2011 Porsche Cayman R –

Check out pictures of the 2011 Porsche Cayman! This top-of-the line Porshe comes with a 330 Horsepower engine and weighs about 120 pounds less than a Caymen S. The Cayman should be available just in time for Christmas! It will come with a high price tag of $66,300.L.A. Auto Show: 2011 Porsche Cayman R –… Read more »