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Car Buyers Appreciate Safety Tech – But Aren’t Necessarily Looking for It

A recent article from insurance publication Claims Journal reveals that although car buyers greatly appreciate their vehicle’s safety and connectivity features, those features rarely play a role in their purchasing decisions. Based on the findings of a telematics study recently conducted by LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Claims Journal reports that only a mere 15 percent of… Read more »

NHTSA Unveils Campaign to Curb Drowsy Driving

Thanks to decades of public safety campaigns, modern car owners are well-aware of the dangers associated with drunk and distracted driving. Drowsy driving, on the other hand, has received far less attention from safety experts until recently. Earlier this week at the 2017 Managing Fatigue Conference in San Diego, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration… Read more »

Car Data Becoming More Valuable

Years ago, people used to invest in expensive car features in order to increase the value of their car. However, the feature that might be worth the most in your car is something you can’t even see. In fact, recent research has shown that the value of your car is comparable to the price of… Read more »

What To Keep In Your Car this Winter

Snow Car

Many of us do a tremendous amount of driving in winter months. Whether you are traveling miles for the perfect gift or you’re headed home for the holidays, you should be prepared for potential weather threats when traveling. Consider putting the following into your car to prepare for this winter: Blankets You should always keep… Read more »