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Volkswagen Reveals Sedric the Self-Driving Car

Volkswagen recently revealed their latest self-driving car which has a fairly odd appearance. The car, named Sedric, has a “rectangle” shape and has a relatively plain appearance. Fortune compared it to a “portable cassette boom box” which is the best description we’ve heard yet. Check out a video example of the car below: The car… Read more »

2015 VW Passat Sedan Spy Shots

2015 VW Passat Sedan Spy Shots More Videos on Right now, the most important Volkswagen being tested is the next generation Passat…

Volkswagen’s Impressive New Hybrid

If you have been living under a rock, you may not have heard about Volkswagen’s impressive new Hybrid XL1.  It has been given the label as the world’s most fuel efficient car. It can go 200 miles on one gallon of gas. While the gas mileage is attractive, the design is extremely unique and specific. We… Read more »

2013 Volkswagen Beetle convertible

Soure: We do not typically pay too much attention when it comes to Volkswagen Beetle cars. That was until we caught sight of the 2013 Volkswagen Beetle convertible. …there is still a sense of the utilitarian style present in modern Vee Dubs, a style that isn’t present in other makes. Perhaps the most stylish… Read more »

2013 Volkswagen Touareg TDI More Power Added

In order to compete with the Audi Q7 and new Porsche Cayenne diesel, the 2013 Volkswagen Touureg TDI has received an upgrade in power to 240 HP from 225. Although VW has not yet released torque figures, we expect the Touareg’s diesel will still make the same prodigious 406 lb-ft as it did before. Source:… Read more »

2011 Volkswagen Golf R

The 2011 Volkswagen Golf R is an all new powerful small car brought to you by Volkswagen. It has a turbocharged inline 4 engine with 266 horsepower. Designed to appeal to current customers who are fans of the Golf R32 it also desperately wants to become the star of the R line performance vehicles. This… Read more »

Top 10 most-anticipated 2012 vehicles

List of top ten most anticipated 2012 vehicles include: 2012 Volkswagen Beetle 2012 Buick Verano 2012 Tesla Model S2012 Scion FR-S and more…click on the link below to see if you agree! Top 10 most-anticipated 2012 vehicles – Car News | Page 1 | Auto123

VW passes Ford on Most Profitable Automaker

In news that we found surprising today, VW actually passes Ford as most profitable automaker. Volkswagen recently announced that it had posted a 2010 profit of $9.42 billion, over seven times what it made in 2009. With over a quarter of its 7.2 million vehicle sales coming from China, VW raked in $175 billion in… Read more »