Chrysler Keeping Millennial Drivers in Mind

For parents in their earlChrysler Keeping Millennial Drivers in Mind y-twenties to early-thirties, the thought of driving a mini-van is not appealing. Many parents that are young adults are not quite ready to turn in their coupe style car for millions of cup holders and built-in DVD screens.

Fiat Chrysler recently revealed a new, semi-autonomous electric vehicle that is designed for young families.

What Is It?

The Chrysler Portal was revealed to the public at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The car was a huge indicator of what Chrysler hopes to do with self-driving vehicles and what direction they might go in. The car can sit six people all together and it is thought to be a mix between a minivan, crossover, and SUV, making it appear more “trendy” than many standard family vehicles.

What Are the Features?

The car had unique sliding doors, providing an entrance of nearly five feet wide, when both doors are open. The pillar that often divides the front seats and the second row of seats is included within the door. It was also equipped with a lot of technology including interior cameras, facial recognition, and emergency vehicle alert systems.  It would be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, giving an estimated driving range of over 250 miles.

Who Thought of It?

Emilio Feliciano, the user experience designer on the team, said that the team of millennials that designed the car talked to millennials worldwide to create a car that would be most useful for their age group. The car is designed to serve as a “hub for your life.” According to the automaker, the car was “created by millennials for millennials.”

Can I Buy It?

The vehicle was just shown as a concept at the show. Chrysler has actually not indicated whether or not they will make or sell the car. With the car just being in “production phase,” designers had complete freedom to add in any features, regardless of practicality or cost, for the soul purpose of appealing to millennials. The car is not yet a “reality” for Chrysler.

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