Common Causes of Windshield Damage

10799761_SA small chip or crack in your windshield may be easy to ignore, but it has the potential to spread, ultimately leading to a driving hazard and expensive repair. In many cases damage to your windshield is unavoidable. But as your automotive care experts we look for ways to prevent damage to your vehicle. Here is a list of common causes of windshield damage and tips on how to keep your windshield chip and crack free.

Unpaved Roads

Driving on unpaved roads can cause damage to not just your windshield, but your entire vehicle. Remember to leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you. This will help prevent rocks and debris from being propelled into your windshield.

Inclement Weather

Certain types of weather can cause dangerous driving conditions, poor visibility and vehicle damaging forms of precipitation such as hail. These severe forms of weather can cause irreparable damage to your windshield. You should avoid driving in inclement weather and store your vehicle in a safe place until the storm passes.

Temperature Changes

Changes in temperature can cause your vehicle’s windshield to expand and contract, creating the possibility for new cracks to form and existing chips and cracks to spread. Avoid causing drastic temperature changes to your vehicle such as using hot water to defrost your windshield and always have small damage repaired as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary windshield replacement.

Poor Installation

If your windshield is not installed properly to begin with, this will cause issues down the road including cracks from vibrations caused by uneven roads. Ensure proper windshield installation by using reputable companies that have the trained technicians and quality materials to get the job done properly.



Even when proper precautions are taken, windshield damage is typically unavoidable. To help prevent windshield damage caused by propelled road debris and to ensure that potential damage will be remedied by professionals using the latest repair and replacement techniques, consider PermaPlate Windshield Protection.

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