Dealerships Just Can’t Seem to Keep These Models in Stock

Dealerships Can’t Seem to Keep Certain Models in StockYou pick out a car you like, drive down to the dealership to see it and ask to take it for a test drive. But you’re met with some bad news: the car you want is not in stock. It doesn’t happen often, but on occasion, there are vehicles that are just so popular that dealerships can’t keep them on the lot long enough.

Several car models have sold much quicker than auto manufacturers expected them to, making it difficult for people to get their hands on them.

Audi Q7

A revamped version of the Q7 hit dealer lots in 2015 and failed to generate as much interest as Audi may have wanted. Fewer than 20,000 Q7s were sold that year. The following year, however, the Q7 got some rave reviews from critics, which suddenly made it more popular than ever. Audi sold about 30,000 in 2016 and then almost 40,000 in 2017. That meant most Q7s were on dealership lots for less than 4 weeks, which made them hard to come by. It seems to have started a trend and turned Audi into one of the hottest auto manufacturers of the moment.

Mercedes-Benz GLC

Crossover-style SUVs are all the rage right now with just about every major auto manufacturer adding them to their lineup. Mercedes-Benz rolled out its new GLC in 2015 and priced it affordably enough to generate interest in it. It ended up generating a little bit too much interest, though, as Mercedes-Benz sold almost 50,000 GLCs in 2017 and had trouble keeping them in stock for customers. The combination of the price and the luxury features made it too good of a deal for people to pass up—and it looks like that could continue well into 2018.

Honda Clarity

The Clarity is far from Honda’s most popular model. Civics and CRVs are still selling well for the brand and bringing in most of the interest from customers. The Clarity though, which is available in electric, hybrid, and fuel cell, was one of the hottest cars in 2017. It was only available on a select few Honda lots and sold out quickly due to the remarkably low supply of the car. Honda might have yet another hit on its hands with this one.

Lexus LC

Many vehicle buyers these days are turning to either crossover SUVs or small, fuel-friendly vehicles. But there is still a strong market for luxury cars, and this one from Lexus proved that in 2017. The LC made its debut and didn’t stick around long as Lexus sold more than 2,000 of these, which wiped out most dealers’ supplies. Even though the car costs almost $100,000, it didn’t seem to scare many people away from purchasing it.