Details Discovered on 2020 Porsche Mission E

Details Discovered on 2020 Porsche Mission EPorsche is yet another manufacturer that is working to develop an all-electric vehicle. The prototype of the Porsche Mission E, which is expected to be the first all-electric Porsche, was recently spotted driving in Weissach, Germany.

Porsche’s all-electric car, the Porsche Mission E, is expected to debut in 2020 but a near-production model was spotted raising discussion.

The Porsche Mission E was seen sporting the production body, appearing smaller compared to other four-door Porsche coupes that have recently been released. Although some details on the car have been released to the public, the car had not been physical seen until recently.

The car’s exterior appeared to have a sloped roofline with large air intakes. It’s reasonable to believe that the air intakes will be used for battery cooling as a result of the car being an all-electric model. The windows on the prototype are similar to previous Porsches, with a window line that sweeps upwards.

Some of the car’s appearance just served as a “distraction” in order to protect the true identity of the car. For example, the majority of the taillights were covered and the exhaust pipes appeared to fake as well.

The car was also a clear reflection of several different Porsche’s, including the 2018 Porsche 911 which we covered previously.  The prototype appeared to have a similar roofline to the Panamera and a similar overall appearance to the 918 Spyder.

The Porsche Mission E prototype didn’t really have a “wow” factor, as many Porsche models do, but that’s likely a result of it being heavily covered up to prevent people from seeing the “real thing.”

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