Drive Your Best in Winter Conditions

We have written seveDrive Your Best In Winter Conditions ral posts about preparing your car for winter weather. However, it is also important to personally prepare. From hitting your brakes to turning a corner, driving in winter months becomes difficult and dangerous.

Keep Track Of Storms

Whenever you are preparing to drive during winter months, it is important that you track the weather ahead of time, whether you are driving just a few miles or planning a weekend trip. If winter weather is possible, give yourself extra time. Commuting will take you longer to get there due to snow, ice, slush, and slow traffic.

Clear Off Your Car

If your car is covered in snow, it is vital that you clear it off before you hit the road. You should clear off windows, lights, mirrors, and your license plate. You should also clear off any snow from the top of your car. If snow is sitting on top of your car, it can fly off and obstruct the view of the person behind you. If you brake quickly, snow can fall forward and block off your windshield.

Reduce your Speed

To drive successfully in winter conditions, slowing down can make a big difference. Stay several feet behind the car in front of you. It is much harder to brake at a moment’s notice and you’ll likely slide out of control if you attempt to. Avoid using cruise control and slowly accelerate and decelerate in order to regain traction and avoid sliding.

Be Extra Cautious

Many people drive in winter conditions with little regard to how dangerous it is. Bridges and overpasses will be slick; you should drive slowly over them. You should also avoid passing any maintenance vehicles. These drivers will not be able to see you easily. They are clearing the roads and if you pass them, you’ll drive onto roads that are not prepared for drivers.

Driving in the winter can be dangerous but understanding how to drive in the winter can make you, and the drivers around you, much safer.

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