Electric Cars Now Required by Law to Make Noise

If you ever had an electric car drive by you, you likely were able to see it long before you were able to hear it. Electric cars are eElectric Cars Now Required by Law to Make Noise xceptionally quiet and they make little to no noise while they are in motion.

The United States Congress recently considered the risks of these cars.

Congress has now put a law in place that will require electric and hybrid cars to make noise.

Both plug-in hybrids as well as battery operated electric cars will be required to make noise while they are moving at slow speeds to ensure that pedestrians, especially those with poor eyesight, hear them. Electric motors found in these cars barely make noise in comparison to gasoline and diesel engines.

The law is being referred to as the “Quiet Car” rule. The National Highway Traffic Safety Admission stated that this could prevent up to 2,400 pedestrian injuries a year.

With pedestrian accidents at an all-time high, this law should help prevent pedestrian accidents from occurring.

The law states that “hybrid and electric vehicles must make an audible noise when in reverse or when traveling at speeds up to 19mph.”  The cars are not being required to make noise at faster speeds because noise caused by tires and wind speed will provide the necessary warning to pedestrians.

Manufacturers are being directly affected by this law.

Manufacturers are being given until September 1, 2019 to make sure that all new hybrid and electric cars are equipped with the audible sounds that meet the new federal safety standard.

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