All-Electric Jaguar Hot Topic of Car Conversation

I-Pace Release with JaguarJaguar has been gradually releasing details about their first all-electric vehicle for quite some time. In recent months, several industry experts got to ride in a prototype of the SUV, releasing more details on what consumers can expect.

The I-Pace, Jaguar’s first electric vehicle, is expected to arrive in the United States in the fall of 2018.

Jaguar is a British automaker that has produced luxury vehicles for decades, and has worked tirelessly to develop an all-electric SUV to meet the desires of many consumers. The car has two electric motors which both contain 200 horsepower, capable of reaching 60mph in just four seconds. The car reach up to about 250 miles or so on one battery without needing to be charged.

The I-Pace is currently being built in Austria and rumor has it that there is a large amount of interested buyers waiting to purchase. In 2016, Jaguar sold about 150,000 cars globally which was a clear indication that they have a large following of committed consumers.

Jaguar has about 200 production prototypes of the I-Pace and has tested models for about 11,000 hours total in order to produce the best possible version.

Jaguar has not revealed any details about the exterior or interior appearance of the car and kept it completely covered when offering industry experts a spin. However, the five-seat SUV was reviewed as spacious and comfortable from those who got a glance at the prototype.

The car will start selling in Europe in the late summer months of 2018 and is predicted to hit the United Sates in the fall of 2018. The price of the I-Pace as not yet been released but details are expected in March 2018.

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