Expected Car Trends of 2017

Car Trends 2017With each passing year, car trends come and go. With 2017 less than a month away, the expected car trends for 2017 are surfacing. Technology is rapidly advancing and many cars will reflect that this coming year.

Talking Cars Chatter

Many car manufactures have discussed producing cars that are able to communicate with one another for several years.  In 2017, the Cadillac CTC sports sedan will be able to share information on weather, speed, braking, accidents, and more. Manufacturers believe that the concept of vehicle-to-vehicle communication is something that will eventually be standard on all cars. 2017 marks the start of these cars hitting the road.

Electric Cars Compete

We have posted a lot of blogs in reference to both the success and demand of electrical cars. In 2017, competition for producing the best electrical car continues. The Chevrolet Bolt EV is an electrical car that is both affordable and practical, threatening the success of other electric cars. The Bolt can drive 238 miles with a single charge and is priced under $30,000 after tax incentives.  Kia and Volkswagen are also producing electric cars that are expected to do well in 2017.

Autonomous Cars Arrive

Autonomous cars are being improved upon every single day. Although they are not yet perfected, many manufacturers are working towards it. In fact, Fat Chrysler is producing 100 autonomous Chrysler Pacifica plug-in hybrid minivans at an assembly plant in Canada. The production of these cars is for Google’s vehicle development project.  Although the vans won’t be sold to the public, they will be tested for readiness and safety, driving many miles in 2017.

Revamping Diesel Cars

In 2016, the desire for diesel cars essentially diminished. Diesel car sales declined for a variety of reasons but many manufactures believe that consumers in the U.S. still desire diesel options. Chevrolet and Mazda will be doing what they can to combine diesel cars and SUVs in the upcoming year to make both more appealing to potential buyers.

These are just several of many trends expected in the car industry in 2017. As technology advances, our cars do as well. Do you have your eye on any new cars or upcoming trends in 2017?

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