Families Purchasing Vehicles Want More Space

Family VehicleMany families desire a large vehicle that is big enough for the whole family. Although safety is a huge priority for families, space has been the biggest factor when purchasing a vehicle in recent months. Families with several children prefer minivans and SUVs, increasing the demand for larger vehicles.

Gas, for many years, was a large reason that people opted into smaller vehicles because gas was too expensive to fill a large gas tank. People had to purchase smaller cars in order to be able to fill the tank as needed. With gas now hovering consistently around $2.00 or less, people are now able to afford a larger vehicle which has them choosing minivans and SUVs.

The SUV has certainly taken off in recent years and sales are up 8% within the past year. SUVs are no longer seen as “large cars” but an extremely practical option. Families are eager for more space and an SUV has that. The minivan also used to get a bad reputation and was not desired by families for several years. People did not find them visually appealing. However, the minivan is back in style as well. In the past year, sales of minivans have gone up 19.4%. With screens that come down from the ceiling and the ability to control your own air conditioning, minivans sales are at an all-time high because they are comfortable and spacious.

The amount of “extras” that come along with vehicles now is continuously evolving. From touchscreen navigation, rearview cameras, USB plugs, and three-zone climate controls, families can essentially live in their vehicles. Between daily commutes to work and constant trips to school, families need space. In fact, many vehicle owners have said that they would leave all of the extras on their vehicle behind as long as it still has the space they desire.

Parents spend almost every week day driving their kids back and forth to school events such as sports, concerts, drama club, and rehearsal, not to mention what children are involved in outside of school. With families spending so much time in their car, it’s clear why space is a big desire. With family dinners frequently happening within the four walls of their vehicle, parents prefer a larger vehicle.

If you’re shopping for a new car in the near future for your family, PermaPlate can help you enjoy that car with confidence by protecting the interior and exterior of your vehicle. With your children piling in and out, you’ll likely need it!

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