Finally Toyota Camry to Get an Update

The update to the new Toyota Camry is unfortunately not as exciting as we think it should be. Toyota hasn’t changed the styling of the Camry in over 3 years. It doesn’t seem to matter that sales are slowing down as it’s competition continues to improve their the looks of their cars.

The update to America’s best-selling car includes making the front-end more crash resistant so it can pass a new test done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Bill Fay, head of the Toyota division in the U.S., said Thursday in an interview with The Associated Press.

I guess somebody needs to market the corner on bland cars. Well done Camry.


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  1. Goddy

    I think you're a little disappointed but it's quite normal for them to make some changes or else their sale will drop dramatically. In another sense, they're trying to meet their customers' need in a corrected fashion. It's a good thing they're back on track.

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