Five Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle’s Interior Clean

cleaning vehicle interiorRegardless of if you typically drive alone or have a back seat filled with children, your new vehicle can get messy in the blink of an eye. With a few simple tricks you can keep your vehicle looking almost as perfect as it did when you drove it off the dealership lot.

Take Out the Items You Bring with You

The easiest way to keep your vehicle clean is to make a point to take out every item you put into it. For example, instead of leaving your sneakers in the back seat after your trip to the gym, take them out to ensure the stinky shoe odor doesn’t linger. The same goes for your morning cup of coffee, your child’s snack wrappers and the bills you set on the seat next to you.

By taking out everything you bring into your car as you get out of it the next time, you will prevent clutter from building up while reducing the likelihood of spills and foul odors.

Keep Trash Bags On Hand

Another way to keep things clean in your vehicle is to keep a couple trash bags on hand. Placed in your glove compartment, these will come in handy quickly. Don’t have many passengers in your front seat? Secure a bag to your passenger’s side door handle and fill it with the little pieces of garbage – like straw and gum wrappers – that typically litter your floor.

Wipe Down Surfaces

While you are stocking up on vehicle cleaning supplies, you may also want to add sanitizing wipes to your arsenal. It is common for surfaces inside your car to get dusty, and wiping them down every week or so will keep your interior clean while also adding a fresh scent!

Perform Monthly Cleaning

If daily cleaning isn’t for you, another great way to keep the interior of your vehicle in top shape is performing a monthly cleaning. Vacuum the carpets, wipe down surfaces, and clean out all the clutter that has been stashed in cup holders and beneath seats. Regular cleaning will breathe fresh life into your car, making every day you drive more enjoyable.

Add a Layer of Protection

Whether it is made of leather or cloth, add an extra layer of protection to your vehicle’s upholstery with an interior protection program from PermaPlate. Learn more about our Fiberguard and Leatherguard products here, and contact us by phone at 800-453-8470 to find a dealer that offers PermaPlate protection near you.

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