Ford Puts Faith and Cash into Self-Driving Cars

We have written several posts about the concept of self-driving cars and how they will absolutely become reality in the near future.Ford Puts Faith and Cash into Self-Driving Cars

In fact, Ford recently invested one billion dollars due to their unwavering faith in the heavily anticipated self-driving car future.

This past Friday, Ford announced that they are going to invest five billion dollars in an autonomous car startup called “Argo Al.” The headquarters are located in Pittsburgh, PA., and will also have offices in two other states.

Ford had endlessly invested into further developing cars, trucks, and the automobile industry as we know it.

Ford has integrated their brand into ride-hailing, ride sharing, and even bicycle rentals, working hard to remain “current” in an evolving industry.

Argo Al was created several months ago when two men, one working for Google and one working for Uber, met at Carnegie Mellon University. Mark Fields, CEO of Ford, said that Ford invested in Argo Al “to drive the delivery of our own autonomous vehicle by 2021” among several other reasons.

Ford jumping on board with Argo Al is proof that automakers, along with tech companies, are doing whatever they can to get autonomous vehicles on the road.

Many companies are joining forces to simply make the process of producing a reliable autonomous car easier.

For instance, Uber currently has a 300 million dollar partnership with Volvo and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has a partnership with Waymo.

The majority of companies are focused on 2021 as the “year of the autonomous car” and with strong partnerships continuously forming, it’s definitely a possibility.

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