General Motors and OnStar Collect Valuable Data to Serve Customers

driverGeneral Motors and OnStar have been collecting customer data for decades. All of the data collected is analyzed and used to better serve their faithful customers.

OnStar is constantly developing new programs and software. In fact, they typically file for a new patent every six days. OnStar uses advanced technology to communicate with customers, increasing the number of direct interactions they have with their customers. OnStar has 5 million conversations each month with their North American customers.

OnStar recently achieved a major accomplishment when they became accredited at the same level as a 911 advisor. OnStar employees are able to start providing medical support in the event of an accident or emergency situation while emergency responders travel to the scene. OnStar has developed relationships with 911 call centers nationwide and have priority lines at about 75% of them.

OnStar has also been monitoring weather activity nationwide and researching how to best communicate weather threats to their customers. OnStar is hoping that they will soon be able to alert drivers about potential weather threats. If a tornado was nearing the location of your OnStar equipped vehicle, you will be notified that you are in a county with an active emergency weather warning.

OnStar’s command center is full of flashing lights, packed excel documents, and bustling employees. All of the lights and numbers serve a purpose to the employees looking at them. Employees are collecting data on the number of people on the road, how many miles those people are driving, and how many calls are coming through at the same time. They collect this data to identify their busiest times so they know how many advisors need to be scheduled during certain hours. Certain flashing lights mean an airbag has been activated and other flashing lights mean that someone needs directions; OnStar employees are quick to know the difference.

As more companies work to develop improved and innovative technology, many of them look to OnStar as a source of inspiration.

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