Get the Most from Your Tires

tiresTires can be a huge investment. Chances are they are at least a week’s worth of pay, if not more. And when you are spending on a big purchase like this, you obviously want to get the most out of it as possible. Luckily, PermaPlate has a few tips of the trade to help you out!

Get Winter Tires

With fall right around the corner, the sooner you purchase your winter tires, the better. Maybe you can even catch some great deals at your local dealer by investing before peak season arrives – when the tires (and the deals) can be sparse. Think about when the snow can hit in your area. There is nothing worse than a storm hitting before your winter tires are ready to go on your car. Plus, by purchasing winter tires now, your all seasons will last twice as long because they will not be over worn while you are constantly breaking on those slippery early-winter roads.

Tire Rotations

Tires wear according to the position they are put on your vehicle, so in order to get the longest life out of your tires, you should rotate them regularly. We recommend having them rotated every time you go in for an oil change, to ensure that they are maintained regularly.

Air Pressure

If you ignore the PSI on your tires, you are guaranteed get fewer miles to the gallon. There are so many easy tools that will help you check your PSI, and many new cars even have the tire pressure programmed into your dashboard – allowing you to check it without even having to step out of your vehicle.


If your wheels are out of alignment, they will wear unevenly, leading to an even earlier replacement. This can also be a signal of other mechanical problems with your car, so don’t hesitate to take it into the mechanic when you first notice this problem.

The next time you go in for your oil change, think about all of the above items. At the top of your mind should be preparing for the impending winter months with a set of snow tires. They will be one of the best investments that you can make for your vehicle!


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