Get to Know the BMW i8 Roadster

Busy Highway Filled with Fast CarsIt’s difficult to believe that when BMW launched their first i8 model in 2013 (which was based on a 2009 concept car) people weren’t sold on the design. Skeptics felt the shape of the i8 was going to age poorly and predicted the car might not last more than a couple of years. However, BMW proved everyone wrong with the 2013 BMW i8 and has continued to silence critics with the release of the 2019 BMW i8 Roadster.

The 2019 BMW i8 Roadster features a modest facelift and features that are going to make the experience of driving the latest i8 Roadster even better.

The biggest change you’ll notice with the latest i8 Roadster is that BMW seems to be relying on the hybrid synchronous electric motor inside of the car. While the i8 Roadster has a three-cylinder gasoline-fueled engine, the electric motor is expected to do more of the heavy lifting. The only time the combustion engine will come into play is when you’re accelerating hard and pushing the i8 Roadster to the limit.

Another big change with the i8 Roadster involves its electric battery. The new i8 Roadster model includes a new lithium-ion battery that has had a significant upgrade. It now has a larger cell capacity compared to previous models, which will allow for it to drive on electric alone for longer periods of time. The new cell configuration is designed to allow you to travel 33 miles on electric alone which previously capped at about 20 miles. BMW also claims that you can drive up to 75 mph on the electric alone if desired.

On the inside, BMW has provided drivers with everything they’ll need when they’re behind the wheel. The i8 Roadster features BMW’s patented iDrive Touch Controller and an 8.8-inch screen to control the luxe Harman/Kardon speaker system and more. It also comes with safety features like pedestrian warnings, park distance control, and dynamic cruise control.

If you’re in the market for a supercar that takes full advantage of its electric capabilities, the i8 Roadster is something to consider and starts at a price of $164,295.