Get Your Vehicle Summer Ready

vehicle packed for summerEveryone talks about the importance of stocking your vehicle full of winter supplies, but keeping the summer essentials in your trunk is just as important! As the school season nears its close and you prepare for a summer of afternoon adventures with your family, we recommend taking a quick inventory of the supplies in your car – adding these summer essentials in with your jumper cables and first aid kit.

Summer Snacks

Whether you are taking a day trip or just driving home from soccer practice, chances are your children will be hungry for a snack. We recommend keeping a stash of heat resistant snacks – like crackers, granola bars and dry cereal – to keep your passengers happy.


Children and dogs alike have a tendency to end up in mud puddles and bodies of water during summer adventures, making a couple extra towels necessary for keeping your vehicle clean. After a day of hiking or an impromptu trip to the beach, you’ll be glad you added these items to your summer checklist.

Sun Screen & Insect Repellant

Sunburn and bug bites are two of the biggest pains of summer, so keep your family protected from day to night by storing sunscreen and insect repellant in your vehicle. A can of each is sure to come in handy.

Spare Change

From lemonade stands to farmer’s markets and ice cream shacks, there are a few important summer stops that may not take credit cards. Ensure you and your family can enjoy all the best treats of summer by stocking your center console full of spare change as the weather gets warm. Your children and your stomach are sure to thank you.

As you store these important items in your vehicle, be sure to check your first aid kit to ensure that it is stocked full of band aids and allergy medicine. Summer is one of the most enjoyable and exciting times of the year, and we at PermaPlate hope you have a fun and safe summer on the road with your family!

Whether you are looking to provide your family with extra protection from the sun or are hoping to keep the interior surfaces of your vehicle free of stains, PermaPlate has a wide range of protection programs for you to consider. For more information, visit us online or contact us by phone at 800-453-8470.

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