Google Assistant is Coming to Your Vehicle

If you currently use Android Auto inside your car or truck, you may be confused by this headline. Currently, those who operate the Android Auto app can make voice commands through their phone or vehicle display by using the phrase, “OK Google.” However, you may have never realized that having access to Google Voice doesn’t necessarily mean that you have complete access to the full Google Assistant system. Until now, that is.

In truth, even with the full integration of Google Assistant, most drivers will likely still use Android Auto for the same simple functions they’ve been using the basic voice command for. This includes asking for directions, playing music and responding to messages. However, Google Assistant will make it possible for users to set another music streaming service (such as Spotify) as their go-to playback preference and allow for users to control connected devices from the road. Say for instance that you’re halfway to work and you realize that you might have left your front door unlocked. If you are connected to the Schlage Smart Lock system, Google Assistant can check and secure your home, saving you from having to pull a U-turn and miss your morning meeting.

Additionally, there are a couple of Google Assistant Actions that the company is eager to introduce as it fully integrates into Android Auto.

If you’re like many, you may have already heard that it may be possible for you to place your Starbucks order directly through your vehicle’s display screen, sparing you the long wait at the counter. However, have you heard about SpotHero? The app allows you to search for parking near your intended destination, compare prices, and pre-pay for your reserved parking spot before you get there all through Android Auto. All you have to do is tell Google Assistant what to do as you drive and focus on the road ahead.

Once Google Assistant is integrated into Android Auto, it won’t be long before you’ll be enjoying the power of artificial intelligence from behind the wheel. The app will be available for over 400 vehicle models and 40 manufacturers. Not sure if your vehicle is on the list? Check out for more details.

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