How do we wash our car that has the Perma Plate Paintguard application?

Frequent washing (once a week or as needed) and use of the Paintguard Renewer will go a long way towards protecting your investment. Keeping your vehicle clean clears away the buildup of damaging dirt and chemicals that first attack the coating, and then the finish.

Wash your new car using Perma Plate Wash Concentrate or a similar mild, non-abrasive cleaner designed for automotive use. It is important to use soap to aid in the removal of road film and greasy dirt and the suds also act as a buffer from the dirt itself. Rinse away all loose dirt with plenty of water before applying the soapy solution with a plush wash mitt. Rinse the mitt out frequently. Always wash in the shade, out of the hot, mid-day sun. Begin at the top and work your way down the front, sides and back. Use a separate cloth or mitt for the tires. Do not allow suds to dry on the finish, washing a section at a time if necessary. Dry the finish immediately using a clean, damp chamois. Standing water can cause water spots.

While washing your vehicle removes any loose contaminates from the surface, the use of Paintguard Renewer removes the particles that have adhered to the paint. Paintguard Renewer should be applied periodically, averaging about every six months or 7500 miles. Darker colors may require more frequent applications. This application maintains the integrity of the original application while cleaning the surface and revitalizing the shine. Paintguard Renewer should be used at least annually to deep clean and protect the surface.

Paintguard Renewer should be applied by hand using a soft, dampened applicator pad. Apply evenly to all glossy painted surfaces. Cover small sections at a time with a thin film. Remember to let the product do the work and never use hard pressure. You want to remove the contaminants, not grind them back into the paint. Avoid applying Paintguard Renewer to glass, rubber, or colored plastic moldings.

Drying time is generally15-20 minutes but will vary based on temperature and humidity levels. Once dry, remove the residue with a soft, dry microfiber cloth, polishing the surface to a gleaming, bright shine. Check that the residue has been removed from the cracks and crevices as well as around the moldings and trim pieces.

Park wisely. Try not to park next to sprinklers, under trees or near construction sites. Water spots, bird droppings, tree sap, and leaves can be highly acidic and should be removed immediately if found on the surface. Also try to park upwind of industrial areas. If you get cement dust or fly ash on the finish from fire or smokestack, rinse off your car immediately. The longer these substances remain on the finish, the harder they will be to remove.

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  1. Eduardo Trevino

    I purchased a BMW recently and was given a bottle of Permaplate Wash Concentrate from the dealer. I love the way it washed my car, but I am out and cannot find where to purchase more. Do you sell to the public? I am interested in buying some of the wash concentrate. Thank you for your help!

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