How Safety Features Changed Car Shopping

How Safety Features Changed Car ShoppingIf you haven’t purchased a car in a decade or two and you’re heading to the dealership, prepare yourself for a few changes.

Cars have one main purpose: to get us where we need to be. However, they also are meant to get us there safely. With every passing year, car manufacturers and dealerships work to improve safety features as they become the main demand of consumers.

In fact, if you haven’t shopped for a car in a while, the amount of safety features and technological progress of cars can be overwhelming.

Many affordable cars are now equipped with advanced safety technology, making safety an option for people regardless of their price range.

For example, many standards Toyotas now come with adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking systems, lane departure alerts, and more.

Gary Gilchrist, president of Chevrolet, explained “If they (buyers) can get more safety bang for the buck, they’ll jump at it.” Safety features are important, and they are something that all buyers are searching for. If consumers, that are budget conscious, can get safety for a good price, they’ll likely take advantage of it and purchase a car.

If money doesn’t play much of a factor, buyers are often requesting specific safety technologies that they are seeking out.

Regardless, there are some people looking to purchase a new car that are totally unfamiliar with technology advancements and those people can be hesitant to purchase cars with technology. Some consumers don’t understand it and they need to be educated before they’ll consider purchasing.

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