How the Chevrolet Silverado Changed for 2019

Variety of Car Parts Around Wheel CapChevrolet created its first truck back in 1918, which means the automobile manufacturer has been designing and building trucks for 100 years now. To celebrate, Chevrolet gave one of the most popular trucks in its fleet, the Chevrolet Silverado, a complete makeover.

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado features a number of changes that set it apart from models that have been produced in the past.

Here are some of the biggest changes you’ll see on the latest Silverado:

The new Silverado makes towing much easier.

Chevrolet has made it easier to tow with the 2019 Silverado by creating a myChevrolet trailering app that will allow you to run through a pre-towing checklist, perform a light test before towing, and more. Chevrolet is also offering an Advanced Trailering System that will activate an auto-parking brake when you’re trying to line up a hitch with a trailer to simplify the process.

The new Silverado features a best-in-class cargo box that can hold more.

 The latest Silverado has a cargo box that boasts 89 cubic feet of space providing you with the size and versatility you need. It also has 12 fixed tie-downs that can hold up to 500 pounds, which is double what the tie-downs in previous Silverados could hold.

The new Silverado has four tailgate variants that’ll help you get in and out of the cargo box more efficiently.

Outside of making major improvements to the towing and hauling features of the truck, Chevrolet made improvements to how the tailgate works as well. You can still get a standard tailgate that manually opens, closes, and locks like previous tailgates. However, there is also a tailgate option with lift assist built into it, a tailgate option with a power lock and release feature, and a tailgate option that allows you to put the tailgate up and down using the key fob.

The base model of the 2019 Silverado includes a 310-horsepower four-cylinder 2.7-liter turbocharged engine and starts at just under $30,000.