How to Negotiate When Buying a Car

Buying a new vehicle can be a very stressful process for a lot of people. Those who aren’t necessarily comfortable negotiating with a salesman can end up leaving a lot of money on the table because they don’t know how to approach it. Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can follow to increase your chances of getting a great deal on a car, truck or SUV.

Here are a few tips for how to negotiate when buying your next vehicle.

Research the vehicle, come up with a price you’re willing to pay and communicate effectively.

Get the Best Deal on a Car by NegotiatingBefore you walk into a dealership and start haggling over price, you should have a number in mind as far as what you’re willing to pay for a specific car. That number shouldn’t be something you simply pull out of thin air, either; it should be a number based on research you’ve done prior to visiting the dealership. By figuring out what similar cars are selling for in your area and which add-ons are necessary versus unnecessary to your needs, you can get the upper hand during negotiations and show that you are not going to pay more than you think you should for a vehicle.

Secure financing for your vehicle before you sit down with a car dealer.

If you walk into a dealership and tell a dealer you already have financing for a vehicle secured, they will be more likely to give you a great deal on a car. They know you’re prepared to pay for it, and maybe more importantly, they know you’re willing to walk away if you don’t get the deal you want. This is perhaps the most underrated thing you can do during a vehicle negotiation.

Walk away if you don’t feel comfortable with the negotiating terms at any time.

No matter how prepared you are or how hard you try, there will be some dealers who just refuse to give in to your demands, even if they seem perfectly reasonable. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable at any point during a negotiation or you just can’t come to an agreement, it’s okay for you to walk away and look for a better deal elsewhere. Remember that it’s your money being spent, so there’s absolutely no reason for you to feel forced to agree to unfavorable terms set forth by a dealer.