Ideal Time for Purchasing a Car

Ideal Time for Purchasing a CarMany people that are looking to purchase a new car are also looking for the best time to purchase that car. If you’re purchasing a new car in the near future, you’re probably looking for the best sales which often fall around a holiday weekend.

However, recently monitored thousands of sales incentives and narrowed down the “best times” to purchase a variety of cars.

Beginning of the Week

For most of us, Monday’s are tough. However, it might be the best day to purchase a car because most people go on weekends. People going car shopping on a Monday is rare, and discounts can often reach up to 8.1 percent, one percent higher than they are on a typical Saturday. If you can take time out of your work week to visit a dealership on a Monday, it might be worth rearranging your schedule.

The Month of May

Although Memorial Day brings plenty of sale incentives, May in general is a solid month to do some car shopping. According to the research conducted by, midsized SUV’s are often going for good prices in the month of May.

New Year’s Eve

It’s been common knowledge for quite some time that New Year’s Eve brings a lot of car sale incentives. Many dealerships are doing their best to reach sales goals around this time which results in great offers on a variety of vehicles. Often times, people are saving up to 8.3 percent on average new vehicles.


If you’re shopping for a pickup truck, you might want to plan to do your shopping around October. Many trucks are often discounted at about 7 percent in October. Trucks often stay “long-term” at dealerships, and eventually, they need to be let go for lower prices to clear space for new inventory. TrueCar found that the best sales fall right at the end of the month.

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