Improve Your Fuel Mileage with Quick Tips from PermaPlate

filling up gas tank Everyone likes to save money, and if you are looking to reduce fuel costs there are plenty of tips to help make your vehicle more fuel efficient. Not only will these recommendations save you money on fuel, they can also help to ensure your car lives a long, healthy life. From putting some extra time into caring for your vehicle to changing your driving habits, there are lots of choices you can make to increase your vehicle’s fuel mileage.

Check Your Filters

To keep your engine running smoothly, it is important to check the condition of its air filter regularly – especially if you drive down dirt roads on a frequent basis. It is also important to replace your fuel filter as advised by your manufacturer. These two components play an important role in the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, and by keeping them (and the rest of your vehicle) in good shape you can maintain your best fuel mileage.

Properly Inflate Your Tires

Another important vehicle feature to pay attention to is the tires. By keeping them properly inflated, you can reduce your fuel consumption by three percent. We recommend that drivers make checking their tire pressure a part of their monthly or weekly routine. Tires lose an average of 1 PSI per month, and tire pressure decreases much more in the winter.

Don’t Let Your Tank Reach Empty

Instead of waiting till your low fuel light appears on the dashboard and filling all the way up, refill your tank when it reaches one quarter full. Driving on low fuel can put stress on your fuel pump, reducing your fuel efficiency and causing problems for your vehicle down the road.

Use Cruise Control

Instead of letting yourself speed up and slow down as you travel down the highway, turn on your cruise control to maintain a constant speed and reduce the amount of fuel you are using. This technique does not always work as well in stop and go traffic, but in those situations smooth acceleration and braking can help.

Avoid Idling

Whether you are waiting to pick your child up outside of school or letting your car warm up on a chilly day, excess idling can waste a lot of fuel. To save money, improve air quality and reduce engine wear, we recommend turning your vehicle off any time you put it into park, and only warming it up for a couple minutes before heading off to work on those cold winter mornings.

Looking for other ways to ensure your vehicle is functioning at its best? PermaPlate offers a variety of protection programs to help you save while keeping your vehicle in like-new condition.

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