Is a Hardtop or Soft Top Convertible Right for You?

convertible carHere at PermaPlate we can hardly believe that the official start of summer is just a month away! With the weather heating up and the sun shining until long after dinnertime, there is no car more enjoyable to cruise around in than the convertible. When it comes to shopping for one of these beautiful vehicles, there are a variety of different features to take into consideration – one of the most important of which is the type of top you choose.


If you are worried about someone breaking into your vehicle during evening hours or are interested in driving your convertible with the top up on chilly fall days, a hardtop is the better bet for you. More durable than the soft top, a hard top convertible will warm up more quickly when the top is up and will offer a much quieter drive in wind and rain.

For individuals who often use their trunk for storage, the hardtop convertible does have one drawback – the top of the vehicle typically stows itself away into the trunk space.

Soft Top

Typically less expensive in price than hardtop convertibles, soft tops have the well-loved, completely unmistakable “convertible look” about them even when the top is up. Perfect for hot summer days, soft top convertibles are lighter – and therefore faster – than their hardtop counterparts.

They can be a bit loud to drive in when it’s rainy, and they are not ideal if you plan on driving your convertible through the cool fall months, as the fabric top does not contain heat as well as a metal one would.

Regardless of which type of convertible is right for you, PermaPlate can provide your beautiful new vehicle with the protection you need to keep it looking its best, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at you during your summer travels. From windshield protection to paintless dent repair, we have a wide variety of protection programs available to suit all of your vehicle needs.

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