Jaguar Lead the Way Towards Green

We were impressed when Jaguar announced that their new Staffordshire plant was being built with an impressive 21000 solar modules! That’s enough energy captured to power over 1500 homes! However, it seems that Jaguar’s new plant in Staffordshire is taking green energy to a new level. Plans are in place to increase the capacity to 6.3MW by the end of this year. 

Commenting on the installation, Trevor Leeks, operations director for the new engine manufacturing centre said: “Our world-class facility showcases the latest sustainable technologies and innovations. The completion of the UK’s largest rooftop solar panel installation here at the Engine Manufacturing Centre is just one example of this.”
The new centre also deploys cutting-edge heating and lighting systems that will help reduce the site’s energy consumption. In addition, JLR has committed to creating an ‘ecological corridor’ to help species move from side of the site to the other.

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