Keep Your Kids Safe and Your Vehicle Clean This Winter

kids in winter gear in vehicleKids and cars don’t mix well, especially during the cold and snowy winter months. From slippery parking lots to slushy footprints on the rugs and mittens dropped under the seats, there are plenty of problems that parents face when transporting their young children when it’s snowing. While the safety of your kids is your number one concern, you are probably a little worried about what they are doing to the interior of your vehicle this season. Luckily, PermaPlate has some answers to keep your family safe and your vehicle clean in the chilly months ahead.

Staying Warm

The most important part of driving during the winter months is keeping your family warm. To prevent your little ones from catching a cold this season, we recommend heading outside ahead of time and warming your vehicle up. Another important winter safety tip is to put together a winter safety kit. Kept in your back seat or trunk, this kit should include blankets, hats and gloves for the whole family, as well as the items listed in our previous blog post. With a winter safety kit you and your kids will stay warm and safe regardless of what weather you encounter out on the road.

Bundling Babies

For families with babies, it is important to keep your littlest ones warm and safe while traveling. Although a thick winter coat may seem like the warmest way for infants to travel, they are actually a safety hazard. The padding in a bulky winter coat will prevent you from being able to strap your child into their car seat as securely as possible, which could lead to injuries during an accident. Instead of bundling your baby up to get in the car, dress them in a thin fleece jacket, a hat and glove. Warm up your vehicle before heading outside, strapping your child into their car sea following proper safety instructions once it is. To ensure your baby is nice and toasty in his or her seat, place a blanket over their seat, tucking it around the sides. Now that everyone is warm and safe, it’s time to head out.

Avoiding Icy Falls

The only thing worse than slipping and falling in an icy parking lot is seeing your child slip and fall. To keep your young ones safe throughout the winter months, we recommend getting out of your vehicle first and helping the kids out one at a time. This way, you’ll be right there to catch anyone who may slip. Also talk to your kids about walking carefully through icy parking lots and look for winter boots with good traction on the bottoms.

Keeping Your Vehicle Clean

Now that we’ve run through some important safety tips for you and your children to follow while driving during the winter, we have a few words of advice for protecting your vehicle. Not only are salt stains unsightly, but the slushy water that caused them can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. The salty water can soak through carpets quickly, causing the floor of your car to rust. The easiest solution to this problem: rubber mats.  Placed at the driver’s feet and across the floor of the beat seats, these mats will keep the interior of your vehicle in top shape throughout the winter season.

Looking to ensure that both the interior and exterior of your vehicle make it through the winter unscathed? Consider PermaPlate protection products. From appearance protection to tire and wheel protection and so much more we can keep your entire car looking like new and ensure that any damage that may occur will be remedied by professionals using the latest reconditioning techniques.

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