Keeping Your Car Stocked

We’ve talked often about what necessities you should keep in your car for winter months in order to protect yourself from severe weather while driving. However, you should keep a variety of items in your car at all times in the event that an emergency occurs.Keeping Your Car Stocked

Cell Phone Charger

Most of us will grab a cell phone charger before we walk out the door to ensure that we have one with us “just in case.” However, if your car won’t turn on a standard cell charger that you’d use at home will not work. Keep an external portable battery charger in your car at all times. These plug into your phone and can get enough battery power to make a call or send a text in an emergency.

Jumper Cables

You’d be surprised at how many people drive around without jumper cables. You should always keep these in the trunk of your car in the event that your car dies. They are extremely affordable and can prevent you from being stranded for an extended amount of time. Consider purchasing ones that fall around eight feet long in order to reach easily from one car to another.

Cash Money

If your car breaks down and you walk until you find an isolated gas station, there is a good chance that the gas station you’ve stumbled upon does not accept credit cards. You could also get lost while driving and end up at a toll that you didn’t expect to go through. You should hide cash somewhere inside of your car in the event that you face an emergency and need cash to handle it.

Reflective Triangles

Reflective triangles are a great thing to have in your car in the event that you break down. Putting reflective triangles around your car will help you to protect yourself and your car from other traffic. You should keep about three triangles somewhere inside of your car to put out if needed. Triangles can also help get the attention of the person coming to tow your car or pick you up.

Empty Gas Can

If you are guilty of waiting until the last minute before filling your gas tank, you should keep an empty gas can in your car. If you are ever driving and you do run out of gas, you can take the can to a gas station and get it filled so you can fill your tank. However, it’s important to keep this can empty. A full gas can is a hazard; it can easily explode or start on fire.

Check out a complete list of what you should consider keeping in your car all times here. Visit Permaplate’s blog post for more automotive news.

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