Kia Creates Surprising Spin on Car Technology

Concept Car Button for Future TechnologyIs there anything more frustrating than trying to get everyone to agree on one radio station during a road trip? The battle for control over the radio could put passengers at odds with one another before the car is even put in drive!

Fortunately, Kia is working on a new car technology concept that could put all the arguments about who has control over the car radio to rest.

Kia is in the process of developing something called Separated Sound Zone technology (SSZ) that will, in theory, allow four people to have their very own private sound system inside the car without forcing them to put on headphones. Kia is making a push to be able to provide this kind of technology in self-driving cars when entertainment is expected to become even more important to vehicle owners.

So, how does the SSZ system work?

It relies on several speakers that have been strategically placed throughout the vehicle. These speakers send sound waves in the direction of specific seats while neutralizing the sound waves being created by other speakers in a car. By doing this, the speakers are able to deliver only the sounds that a person wants to hear as opposed to all the sounds that are being produced in a vehicle.

Kia has been working on this technology for about four years now and they claim they’re getting close to coming up with a system that works. In the meantime, however, the rest of us will have to continue the battle over radio control and anxiously wait for the technology to be perfected.