Lamborghini Designing Incredible Supercar

New Car ReleasesLamborghini is currently in the process of designing an “electric supercar”, and after getting some details, the car is certainly something to talk about.

The “Terzo Millennio” concept car is Lamborghini’s newest creation that is expected to use super powered batteries in order to repair itself.

The car was revealed this week at the EmTech Conference in Massachusetts, turning a lot of heads. Lamborghini along with engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology joined forces to create the car together.

The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio has a similar appearance to previous Lamborghini models, with a relatively lean design and the signature Lamborghini taillights. The car does appear to have a large windshield that covers the majority of the exterior. The car appears to be extremely compact, riding very low to the ground. The hope is that Lamborghini can create the energy necessary to create a true supercar which will be a challenge because the car is expected to be an all-electric model.

The car will be created mostly out of carbon fiber panels, also known as supercapacitors, which will allow the car to draw energy from itself, making the car work as the battery itself. Supercapacitors are fairly flexible, making them lighter and able to absorb and release energy quickly which is ideal for a performance car.

The car is also being designed to be extremely self-aware; it should be able to personally monitor damage, wear and tear, and more.

As far as a release date for the car goes, that is a detail that is very much up in the air. Creating a supercar is not an easy task and it could take years for all of details to work themselves out.

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