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tinted windowsTinted windows are a great way to increase privacy while protecting your family from the sun’s harmful rays. Tinted windows also reduce glare and heat for a safer, more comfortable ride.  PermaPlate offers two different types of window tints, both of which are available in five levels, depending on your state laws and preferences.

SolarPlate IR Premium Window Tint

Able to reduce heat levels in your vehicle up to 60 percent, SolarPlate IR Window Tints create a more comfortable ride while reducing stress on your air conditioning unit. These tints are available in a variety of color options and come with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring that they won’t bubble or peel.

IR Window Tints block up to 99 percent of UV rays from the sun for maximum protection during travel. This window tint is made from non-metalized and nonconductive materials, ensuring that you won’t have any trouble with your GPS, keyless entry or cell phone.

SolarPlate SPC Classic Window Tint

Similar to the IR Window Tints, SolarPlate SPC Window Tints are made from non-metalized materials and are able to block up to 99 percent of UV rays. The biggest differences between the SPC and the IR Window Tints are that the SPC Window Tints reduce heat up to 47 percent instead of 60 percent and are available in slightly different color options.

The SPC Window Tints are available in a variety of soft charcoal shades, pairing well with any vehicle color.

Both options will never turn purple and will keep you and your family safe from prying eyes and the sun’s harmful UV rays, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

For more information and to find a dealership near you that can apply PermaPlate’s window tints, contact us by phone at 800-453-8470.

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