Lexus IS Review

The new Lexus IS has us intrigued. While Lexus is known for it’s luxury brand, this car sits firmly as a “middle of the road” kind of car. We noticed that almost all the best features are there, but scaled down quite a bit. This includes the V6 engine which is the only engine available for both the IS 250 and 350 car.

The IS 350 comes with an interesting “sporty” fine mesh grill, while the IS 250 keeps it conservative with spindle grill in front. The interior does come with a little extra leg room for those who might be hesitant about space due to older models tight rear end space.

All IS models come with three modes: Sport, Normal and Eco. With the IS 350, you receive a fancy Sport+ option. Both models all come with paddles on the steering for manual shifting capabilities. While the paddles are nice on the IS 250, we really enjoyed using them on the IS 350 as it seamlessly revs up for faster driving.

We definitely enjoyed this car and believe it is comparable to other’s in it’s class.

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