Limit Depreciation by Thinking Inside and Outside the Car

kids in the backseat of a vehicleSome drivers think about resale value from the moment they drive their new vehicle off the lot, while others don’t consider this factor until it’s time to find a new set of wheels. Within the first year of ownership alone, a car will lose about 30 percent of its value. Get the most out of your big purchase by maintaining your vehicle and avoiding some of the most common resale nightmares.


Especially if you are looking to trade in your car every few years, choosing a classic color is an easy way to prevent further depreciation. Colors like black, red, silver and white are acceptable to almost every used car buyer, while even the thriftiest of shoppers may balk at neon green. Avoid trendy hues and opt for a more traditional appearance to ensure the value of your car.

When looking at the exterior of a vehicle, it isn’t just the physical color that is important, but also the overall cosmetic appearance. Scratches, dings and faded paint will push away potential buyers before they even get in your vehicle. PermaPlate offers automotive vehicle protection programs to combat everyday wear, including Tire & Wheel packages, paint protection, clear film, and door edge & cup guard protection. Packages like these can prevent against unnecessary depreciation and keep your car looking brand new throughout your time together.


Think about how many times you have spilled coffee, dropped your drive-thru meal or caught your kids with a marker in the backseat. The interior of your vehicle will likely sustain more damage than you could imagine. One of the most important steps to take early on is to make sure your investment has the right protection.

For new car buyers who remember the mess in their last car, we recommend interior protection packages. From salt stains on the rugs to drink stains on the seats, damage adds up quickly. Take preventative measures to make driving your vehicle pleasant for you and its next owner.

To keep your vehicle looking its best, consider PermaPlate and our aftermarket appearance protection programs. From dinging your car door due to tight parking spots to dropping an ice cream cone in the backseat, accidents happen all the time! Be prepared and keep your investment looking its best for the highest resale price.

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