Making Your Car Safe as Possible

Making Your Car Safe as Possible Decades ago, many people used to ride in their cars without seatbelts on. Decades ago, infants were simply held in the arms of their mother when in a moving car.  Now, seatbelts are a safety necessity in cars and children (from infants to adolescence) are in some type of safety seat when in the car.

Technology is always changing and that has proven to be true with car technology as well. As time passes, cars develop more technology driven safety features and it’s important to know which ones are worth considering for your next car.

Lane-Departure Warning

This technology will alert a driver if they start to veer into another lane over the markings on the road. If you start to go into another lane (whether you fall asleep or look down at the radio) the car will alert you to get the car back into the lane. In fact, some cars even come with corrective steering which will automatically steer you back into your designated lane.

V2V Technology

Although this technology is still being developed and many cars are still without it, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is hoping that all cars will have vehicle-to-vehicle communication capabilities by 2023. This technology will allow cars to communicate with one another and help alert one another of potential hazards, hopefully reducing accidents.

Blind-Spot Warning

Many cars, especially larger ones, have blind-spots. This technology helps to notify drivers if a car is approaching their blind spot which they might miss from looking in their standard car mirrors. Often times, blind-sport warning technology is built into the side view mirror of a car. The mirror will typically light up or flash if a car is approaching your blind spot.

If you have an older car, there are plenty of applications and “stand-alone” features that you can purchase in order to make your car safe.

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