Mastering Family Road Trip Fun

family road tripWe have discussed road trip safety, essential items to pack and maintenance checks to perform when you are going on a road trip with your family this summer. But we have yet to touch on the most important topic: Having fun together while you are on the road! Whether you are traveling across the state or across the country, the memories you make on the way there are ones that your children will remember for years to come. So instead of just plugging everyone in to their electronics, try these tricks to keep everyone entertained.

Pack a Bag

Instead of having everyone veg out on their smartphones and tablets, pack each of your children a bag full of crafts, puzzles and games. Any time they begin to get bored or antsy, there will be something new to do to pass the time away. Simple origami crafts, coloring books and crossword puzzles are all fun options that will help your young passengers to pass the time.

Play a Game

When your family starts to get bored of the quiet-time activities you have packed in their bags, you can also have some fun playing games that involve the sights that pass you by on the highway. One of our favorite ideas is to plan a “scavenger hunt” before you go. Print off a categorized list of sights, animals and items that you are likely to see on the trip, giving a copy to each of your passengers. When they see an item on the list they can call it out and check it off. Then, the first person to check off all items in a particular category wins a prize the next time you visit a rest stop!

For more game ideas, check out this article from

Plan Your Stops Strategically

Especially if you are heading out on a road-trip that will last a few days, taking some time to stop and stretch your legs will be much appreciated. Instead of just stopping at roadside rest stops along the way, plan out a couple of fun detours, visiting area attractions like parks, historic sites and museums. This way, the adventure is in the journey itself and you won’t have anyone constantly asking, “Are we there yet?” from the back seat.

The team here at PermaPlate hopes you have an incredible time road tripping with your family this summer! Safety is always of the utmost importance on the road, so be sure to read through our recent blog posts for safe driving advice.

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