Maximizing the Resale Value of Your Used Vehicle

Buying a new vehicle is an exciting undertaking, and whether you are trading your previous car in to a dealership or selling it on your own, the money you make will play an important role in this big purchase.

Taking good care of your vehicle throughout its lifetime is the best way to ensure it has a high resale value, and PermaPlate has a few other tips for you to consider before putting up the “For Sale” sign.

Mileage and Mechanical Upkeep

Before going to sell your used vehicle, make sure it is running in its best shape possible by having the oil changed, topping off fluids, changing wiper blades and checking the tire pressure. You will also want to put together all your vehicle records including the title, maintenance invoices and any information you have about accident history.

This will give the potential buyer a full picture of your vehicle’s history, and will assist you in confirming its value. Remember, mileage matters a lot when it comes to the price buyers will be willing to pay.

Add-Ons and Options Packages

Depending on the add-on features your vehicle has, they can be a great asset when it comes time to sell. Some systems that buyers are most interested include back-up cameras, navigation systems and heated/air conditioned leather seats.

On the other hand, if your vehicle has illegal window tinting or a loud exhaust system, you may want to consider having these features fixed to attract more potential buyers and a higher trade in value.

Interior Condition

Of course you should have the interior of your vehicle detailed before you put it up for sale, and you should also look at the lights on your dash. If the check engine light or any others are displaying, we recommend having them fixed for the highest trade in value possible.

Exterior Condition

Give the exterior of your vehicle a good cleaning before you part ways, shining up all exterior surfaces from the wheels to the roof. Dings and dents can really make an impact on the value of your vehicle, so keep this in mind when purchasing your next car.

For more tips on boosting your vehicle’s trade in value, check out PermaPlate’s latest infographic below:

trade-in vehicle infographic

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