Mazda Surprisingly Efficient

There has been a surprising lack of movement towards electric vehicles by the Mazda brand. That’s not to say that they don’t have any electric car options. However, they certainly don’t seem to have jumped on the electric car bandwagon quite yet. They claim it is to focus on making their entire fleet more fuel efficient. This has apparently paid off as the EPA has just claimed that their entire fleet is in fact the most fuel efficient fleet compared to all other brands.

 The latest findings from the EPA suggest that approach is paying dividends. Released this month, the government agency’s annual “Light Duty Fuel Economy Trends” report features final 2012-model-year data showing that Mazda not only leads all automakers with a fleet-wide adjusted fuel economy of 27.1 mpg, but it boasts the lowest CO2 emissions as well at 328 grams per mile.

Kudos to Mazda. We shall n
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