Most Interesting Automotive Innovations at CES 2016

car showroomCES 2016 kicked off in Las Vegas yesterday morning and some of the most exciting innovations in the showroom can be found in the automotive area. Here at PermaPlate, we are always interested in up-and-coming automotive technology, and there were plenty of unique showcases that have caught our attention at CES.


This year, BMW unveiled the i8 Mirrorless Concept at CES, a vehicle that uses cameras and LCD displays in place of side and rearview mirrors. This vehicle boasts wing-like cameras where side mirrors are typically located, detecting movement and sending blind spot alerts to the driver. Images picked up by the vehicle’s cameras will be displayed on the LCD screen that serves as the rearview mirror.

Mercedes Benz

With a glowing, customizable dashboard, the Mercedes Benz Concept IAA allows the driver to adjust their screen with touch pads located on the steering wheel. The left-hand screen can display traditional gauges as well as a road map, while the right-hand screen is geared toward the vehicle’s passenger. These screens aren’t just a glimpse into the future; drivers can look forward to using them in the newly revamped E-Class sedan later this year.


Self-driving cars have been making headlines for a while, and Ford showed off a Ford Fusion Hybrid with spinning Lidar sensors at CES. Along with this display came the announcement that the company will be testing 30 autonomous cars on actual roads throughout the year 2016. A leader in the development of self-driving vehicles, Ford will be performing their tests in Arizona, California and Michigan.

PermaPlate looks forward to seeing these innovations progress and become available in new vehicles in upcoming years. From paintless dent repair to paint protection film, we are proud to offer our own innovations to keep your vehicle looking its best.

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