New Audi Dripping with Technology

2019 Audi A8Audi has been producing luxury vehicles for years, many of which have amenities and technologies that help to establish them as a luxury brand.

Audi recently produced the 2019 Audi A8 that is dripping with technology and has a brand new look when compared to previous models.

The majority of the front end of the vehicle consists of a grille along with fairly large headlights. Inside, the dashboard consists of three touchscreens and minimal buttons. There are almost no physical switches on the dashboard because the majority of it is touch-capable. The touchscreens help drivers set air conditioning preferences and even send text messages.

The 2019 Audi A8 also has a long wheelbase and the rear seat is spacious with a wide, removable touchscreen controller. One of the craziest luxury features? A built-in foot massager.

It is clear that the focus of this newest Audi is producing a car with attention worthy technology. Some of them have the ability to be semi-autonomous with systems that can control the car on a highway. Some of the models will be able to start themselves, steer themselves, accelerate, and brake.  The model is considered a “Level 3” when it comes to self-driving capabilities.

If you struggle with parking, some of the Audi A8’s will be able to park themselves. You’ll need to stand outside with a mobile device and use the system and camera feeds to assist it.

All of the Audi A8’s will have a 48-vol mild hybrid system and regenerative braking. It also has vehicle-to-x communication abilities, although that is expected to be somewhat limited.

The 2019 model is now available in Europe but the United States will receive the stretch model only in time. Pricing hasn’t been made clear yet, but the 2018 version started at about $83,475.

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