New Technology Keeps Eyes on the Road

From switching the radio station to adjusting the temperature of the car, many of us are not always as focused as we should be when driving.

Distracted Driving

Cars now come equipped with a tremendous amount of technology but that technology can prevent us from focusing on the road.

However, new technology was recently developed that is meant to prevent us from getting distracted by technology. (Ironic, we know!)

The new gadget is called Navdy and it is meant to provide us with the information that we want access to while driving without distracting us.

The device connects to your personal smartphone (including Androids and iPhones). It mounts on the dashboard between the steering wheel and windshield, directly in front of the driver. The device also plugs into your car’s diagnostics port which powers the technology and provides engine information.

Navdy is mounted directly behind the steering wheel so it can display Google maps, call alerts, and so forth directly within your line of sight.

Google maps will be accessible through Navdy in order to prevent people from looking down at their phone in their lap for directions. There will also be a steering wheel mounted dial that will allow drivers to interact with the non-touch screen device.

Many people are curious to know how Navdy is safer than mounting a cellphone or a GPS system to your dashboard, and that really is up for debate.

Navdy is hoping to serve as more of a “teleprompter,” which drivers can glance at quickly without turning their head away from the road, making it the safer alternative.

Navdy is currently priced at $799 which is not obviously affordable for the average American. However, before the company even shipped a single product, it received $6 million in preorders and more than $20 million in investment capital.

For more car news regarding the latest technology, visit PermaPlate’s blog.

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