Could We Soon Be Buying Cars Online?

In 2018, you can buy just about anything you want online. From new clothing and the latest electronics to fresh groceries and different household products, it’s easier than ever to shop for the items you need and have them delivered directly to your home in a timely fashion.

But could the online shopping experience really expand to vehicles soon?

At the moment, there are already millions of Americans who are using the internet in some form or fashion when shopping for new cars, trucks, and SUVs. Some use it simply to browse around so they don’t have to give up an entire Saturday afternoon to walk around a car lot, while others use it to crunch numbers while comparing the prices of different makes and models. But regardless of how they are using it, it’s clear people are already accustomed to utilizing the internet during the car-buying experience.

According to a recent column on online car buying, Sophus3—a company that specializes in providing automotive companies with digital intelligence data—is reporting that the average person today only visits two auto dealerships before making a vehicle purchase. That is down dramatically from just a decade ago when most people made roughly six trips to a dealership before deciding on the vehicle they wanted.

Sophus3 also states that about 90 percent of people use the internet (mostly on mobile) to research vehicles before buying, which is also up dramatically from 10 years ago.

There are many pros and cons to taking this approach to vehicle shopping. On the one hand, using the internet to shop for vehicles provides you with all of the information you could ever want with regards to cars, trucks, and SUVs. You can check out the various prices for them, skim through the tech features that are available, and even watch videos that highlight the safety features of vehicles. It’s so easy to shop, and you can do it on your own schedule right from the convenience of your own couch.

On the other hand, shopping for cars online doesn’t allow people to get the hands-on experience that goes along with physically visiting a dealership. Many people like to feel the way a car drives and check out the interior before they commit to buying it. Sure, you can find out how roomy the interior is by looking at the measurements online, but until you actually climb behind the wheel of a car, you have no idea how you will feel when you’re driving it. That alone is the reason that many dealerships maintain a physical presence rather than trying to sell cars solely online. Additionally, being able to speak with a dealer and have him confirm your research findings is much more comforting when it comes to such a large investment.

But the truth is that we are inching closer to a world in which people don’t actually see and touch vehicles before they buy them. There are many car manufacturers and dealers that are currently creating technology that will allow them to sell more vehicles online. You will be able to haggle over prices on cars, negotiate a trade-in for your existing vehicle, set up financing, and even have your new car delivered right to your home if you prefer.

The good news for those who still enjoy buying their vehicles in person is that it doesn’t sound like car companies and dealers are going to devote all of their resources to selling vehicles online just yet.

A recent Cap Gemini survey suggested that more than 60 percent of people would miss the test drive experience if it suddenly went away. That means that you will still likely be able to buy cars at dealerships for the foreseeable future.

However, we can’t deny that it certainly seems like more and more people are turning to the internet to buy their vehicles. As the younger generation (those who have become accustomed to buying everything online) get older, it’s only a matter of time before a shift takes place and everyone get used to the idea of buying cars online.

Top Vehicles Consumers Will Stay Loyal to in 2018

There are many people who stay loyal to the vehicles that they drive. Once their older car, truck, or SUBest Vehicles to Buy in 2018V comes up on its lease or finally gives out, they go to the dealership and purchase a newer version of the same model. This is why you tend to find the same dozen or so vehicles on “most popular” vehicle lists every year. It’s also why there are a handful of vehicles that consumers are expected to stay loyal to in 2018.

Check out a few of the most popular most popular vehicles from 2017 that are slated to be just as popular buys throughout 2018:

Honda Accord

Honda has made some big changes to their 2018 Accord. For starters, they have scrapped the V6 engine, opting to offer consumers a choice of two different four-cylinder engines instead. They have also upgraded the exterior of the Accord to make it look sleeker without sacrificing interior space. In fact, the 2018 model offers more room than any of its predecessors, and as a result of all this, the Accord was just named Car of the Year at the Detroit Auto Show. A total of 322,655 were sold throughout 2017, and given this new distinction and the fact that the Accord was also named the Overall Best Buy for 2018 by Kelley Blue Book, We expect interest in this sleek sedan won’t diminish in 2018.

Toyota Camry

You don’t often find the Camry on any Top-5 lists for vehicles sold in the U.S. anymore, but the loyalty is there. 387,081 Camrys were sold in 2017, and this year, Toyota has made a number of improvements to help blow those numbers out of the water. With more horsepower, better gas mileage, and a bunch of safety features that put it on par with many of the crossovers out there, it’s likely that midsize sedan won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Nissan Rogue

Rogue sales have jumped by more than 30 percent since 2015, which could partially be due to the release of Disney’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The name that ties the crossover and the movie together led to boundless marketing opportunities, and Nissan even coming out with a Limited Addition Star Wars version of the Rogue. It’s certainly not the only reason though, as Nissan outfitted the 2017 Rogue with new LED running lights and a number of innovative safety features, earning 403,465 sales over the last year.

Ford F-Series

The Ford F-150 has been one of the best-selling pickups for more than 40 years now, and in 2017, Ford sold 896,764 of them – a 9 percent jump for the F-150. It doesn’t take much to realize that steady sales for the F-Series are going to continue well into 2018. The trucks now feature aluminum bodies, V6 engines with improved fuel efficiency, and interior technology that makes them more advanced than ever. It’s no wonder the 2018 F-150 was just named the Pickup Truck Best Buy of 2018.

Chevrolet Equinox

Sales for the Equinox, which is GM’s flagship crossover SUV, were up about 20 percent in 2017, and there is no reason why that number shouldn’t rise in 2018. The latest Equinox is roughly 400 pounds lighter than the original and now features a 4-cylinder engine, helping to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent gassing up at the pumps. Though the 2018 Equinox is now on the smaller side, it still has plenty of cargo space and is competitively priced compared to other crossovers.

If you are in the market for a new car, truck, or SUV this year, there are plenty of great options for you to consider. These are just a few of the vehicles that consumers are expected to remain loyal to, and as automakers continue to push the boundaries and come up with new features, these models are sure to keep on getting better and better in the coming years.

Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing a New Car

Buying a new car is a huge investment, and not one that should be made on a whim. We know what it’s Tips for Buying a New Vehiclelike when you see a nicer model on the road next to you and feel a pang of jealousy. It can be tempting to just get off at the next exit and head to the nearest dealership, but if you can resist for just a little while longer, we may be able to offer some advice to help you make a better, more informed decision when the time actually does come to upgrade your vehicle.

Set a realistic budget

First and foremost let your wallet lead you, not your eyes. Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin – it’s undeniable that these manufacturers know how to make good looking, high-performance vehicles. However, driving within your means and not being tied to a hefty monthly payment will undoubtedly give you more monetary flexibility in other areas of your life. Remember that you will not only have to consider the monthly payment for the car, but the cost of fueling, insuring and registering it, as well.

Figure out your trade-in value

Regardless of whether you attempt to sell your old vehicle on your own or trade it into a dealership and let them handle the hassles for you, it’s important to establish how much you will get back for your old car prior to shopping for its replacement. This way you already know how much you will receive for it, and how much you will have to put down towards the new payment. Be honest about the car’s overall condition and do your research to determine how much that make and model year is truly worth.

Wants vs. Needs

Establishing the difference before heading into the dealership is key. With all of the technological advancements available in the auto industry today, it can be difficult to see past the bells and whistles and focus on what’s truly important. For example, while a vehicle with heated rear seats may seem great, if you don’t have children and typically travel alone, you probably don’t need that extra feature. Conversely, if you plan to start a family in the near future you may want this feature, as well as something with high safety ratings.

Remember that there will always be something new and exciting, but choosing a vehicle that meets your needs first and foremost will help increase long-term satisfaction.

And the Award for Car of the Year 2018 Goes to…

Honda has enjoyed a lot of success at the Detroit Auto Show over the course of the last few years. In Honda Accord named 2018 Car of the Year2016, the Honda Civic took home the coveted Car of the Year award, and in 2017, the Honda Ridgeline was recognized as the official Truck of the Year. As of Monday, January 15, Honda can add yet another Car of the Year award to its trophy case.

The Honda Accord was named the 2018 Car of the Year at the Detroit Auto Show, beating out the Toyota Camry and the Kia Stinger in the process.

One of the most noteworthy reasons the Honda Accord was able to snag the 2018 Car of the Year award is because this year’s model looks and feels different than those that came before it. The 2018 Accord not only gives people the opportunity to pick between two different four-cylinder turbocharged engines, but to choose between hybrid and high-performance versions, as well. Additionally, despite the sleeker appearance of the new Accord, Honda has found a way to give you more interior space.

We should also mention that there were several other big awards handed out at the Detroit Auto Show, as well. The Lincoln Navigator, which has been re-engineered for 2018, was named the Truck of the Year at the auto show. Meanwhile, the Volvo XC60 was awarded the Utility of the Year, due in large part to Volvo’s commitment to creating all of its new vehicles with four-cylinder engines.

The Detroit Auto Show, which was  held at the Cobo Center in Detroit, took place for public viewing from January 20 through January 28. The Accord and many other new automobiles were proudly be on display for all to see.

Google Assistant is Coming to Your Vehicle

If you currently use Android Auto inside your car or truck, you may be confused by this headline. Currently, those who operate the Android Auto app can make voice commands through their phone or vehicle display by using the phrase, “OK Google.” However, you may have never realized that having access to Google Voice doesn’t necessarily mean that you have complete access to the full Google Assistant system. Until now, that is.

In truth, even with the full integration of Google Assistant, most drivers will likely still use Android Auto for the same simple functions they’ve been using the basic voice command for. This includes asking for directions, playing music and responding to messages. However, Google Assistant will make it possible for users to set another music streaming service (such as Spotify) as their go-to playback preference and allow for users to control connected devices from the road. Say for instance that you’re halfway to work and you realize that you might have left your front door unlocked. If you are connected to the Schlage Smart Lock system, Google Assistant can check and secure your home, saving you from having to pull a U-turn and miss your morning meeting.

Additionally, there are a couple of Google Assistant Actions that the company is eager to introduce as it fully integrates into Android Auto.

If you’re like many, you may have already heard that it may be possible for you to place your Starbucks order directly through your vehicle’s display screen, sparing you the long wait at the counter. However, have you heard about SpotHero? The app allows you to search for parking near your intended destination, compare prices, and pre-pay for your reserved parking spot before you get there all through Android Auto. All you have to do is tell Google Assistant what to do as you drive and focus on the road ahead.

Once Google Assistant is integrated into Android Auto, it won’t be long before you’ll be enjoying the power of artificial intelligence from behind the wheel. The app will be available for over 400 vehicle models and 40 manufacturers. Not sure if your vehicle is on the list? Check out for more details.

Could Car Subscriptions Be the Next Big Trend for 2018?

For years now, people have had two basic options when looking to obtain a new car. They could either purchase the vehicle outright or lease it for a few years. According to Slate, however, there is now a third option that may prove to be more enticing for those who prefer luxury vehicles.

There are a handful of car manufacturers, including Cadillac, Porsche, Ford, and Volvo, that are now allowing customers to obtain car subscriptions.

Rather than committing to buying a car or leasing one for a certain amount of time, people can pay a monthly fee to “subscribe” to certain vehicles. It isn’t particularly cheap—Cadillac, for example, is charging $1,800 per month for its subscription service—but it will allow people to switch cars up to 18 times per year without having to commit long-term. In most cases, subscription services will also come equipped with vehicle delivery, insurance, registration, roadside assistance, routine maintenance, and more, which means subscribers really won’t have to do anything other than make regular payments and enjoy the freedom.

Most of the car companies that are currently offering car subscriptions at this time are doing so in major cities like New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Dallas.

However, the thought is that car subscriptions might turn into a long-lasting trend, especially among millennials who want to enjoy the benefits of having a car sometimes without committing long-term. People will be able to sign up for a subscription at their convenience, use it for a couple of months, and then send it back. As we mentioned, subscribers will also have the liberty of switching up models throughout their subscription period. Porsche, in particular, allows you to switch vehicles as often as you want – for a $2,000-per-month price tag.

For now, the high price associated with car subscriptions might keep the average person away.

However, it’s safe to assume that more and more drivers will be intrigued by the idea of enrolling in a car subscription once the practice becomes more commonplace. Not only could this change the way we drive, but it could give car manufacturers a new source of revenue moving forward.

The Weather Outside is Frightful, So be Sure to Protect Your Car

Temperatures across the U.S. have plummeted over the course of the last few weeks, and the frigid weather has reminded us just how brutal the wintertime can be. It can be particularly difficult on your vehicle, especially if you fail to take the time to prepare it for the harsh winter weather. So before you find yourself in an unfortunate and expensive situation, you should do everything you can to protect your vehicle this winter.

The first thing you should do is ensure that your battery is equipped to handle the cold temperatures that are going to plague many states over the next few months.

Most batteries are only built to last about five years, so if it’s been longer than that since your last replacement, you might want to consider making the investment. If you are on the fence, have your battery looked at by a professional mechanic for extra assurance. He will be able to give you a definite answer on whether or not it’s going to last through the winter months.

The next thing you’re going to want to do is consider swapping out your current tires for dedicated winter tires.

Contrary to popular belief, most all-weather tires won’t perform very well in snow and ice due to lack of traction, and you may find your vehicle slipping and sliding in harsh conditions. If you live in an area that experiences high snowfall and low temperatures, winter tires are undoubtedly your best bet in keeping your vehicle protected.

Lastly, we know that the last thing anyone wants to do in the cold, winter months is wash their car. However, road salt can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s exterior and leave damage that will outlast the weather. Quick, regular trips to your local car wash can help you avoid even more headaches come spring.

These are just a few of the steps you should take to protect your vehicle this winter season.

Winter doesn’t last forever, but if you fail to take precautionary measures now to protect your vehicle from its wrath, you may be dealing with the aftermath for a lot longer than anticipated.

Pickup Trucks Slated to Dominate 2018 Detroit Auto Show

January is here, which means it’s almost time for the 2018 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) to set up shop at the Cobo Center in Detroit, MI. This year’s event will take place January 13-28 and will feature automobiles from more than 30 different manufacturers for the public show. Those who attend the show will get the first glance at a variety of amazing cars, trucks, and SUVs and new innovations before they hit the pavement.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the most traditional options at the 2018 NAIAS might also end up being the most popular.

While eager consumers will certainly turn out in droves to see the futuristic cars on display, it’s the large, dependable pickup trucks that are predicted to dominate this year’s show. For example, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is expected to unveil the 2019 Ram 1500 while General Motors will likely debut, or at least discuss, the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.

While analysts have spent the last two years warning that the lifespan of the pickup truck will soon come to an end, nothing can be further from the truth. As consumers become more conscious of fuel economy, auto manufacturers are working diligently to come up with innovative ways to improve cost per mile without sacrificing the power that loyalists have come to expect from their trucks.

It is rumored that Ram hopes to achieve this by reinforcing their truck beds with carbon-fiber, which weighs less and would boost fuel economy for the Silverado.

Manufacturers know that pickup trucks tend to bring in higher profits when compared to sedans, which is why so many are sticking with what works and building upon the success of their trucks. As we are sure to see at the 2018 NAIAS next month, pickup trucks are only continuing to evolve and include amazing new features that make them all the more worth the investment in the future.

Who knows; at some point the pickup bubble may burst, and auto manufacturers may be forced to take a different approach at NAIAS in the years to come. As for the upcoming 2018 event, however, all signs point to pickup truck truly stealing the show.

Reflecting Back on the Best-Selling Cars of 2017

Now that 2017 has come to a close, we’re taking a look back on the last year in automotive sales and highlighting some of the best-selling vehicles of the last 12 months. While various light-duty pickup truck models have dominated in sales across the U.S., it’s worth nothing that there are also a number of car models that have had buyers flocking to their local dealerships throughout the year.

Here are the top three best-selling cars of 2017:

#3 – Honda Civic

Every year, the Honda Civic proves to be a major contributor to Honda’s overall sales growth, and it’s easy to see why. This particular model has long been a go-to for those in search of a car that can not only perform, but be relied on for the long haul. What really attracted buyers to the Honda Civic in 2017, however, was the company’s decision to switch things up aesthetically. Customers were able to choose between the traditional coupe and the new hatchback body style, without sacrificing the overall quality this model has become known for.

#2 – Nissan Rogue

Though the Nissan Rogue is actually a compact crossover, it is still included on this list due to the fact that it is built on a car platform, not a truck platform. Consumers have been craving more crossover options, and Nissan happily answers the call with the Rogue. Sales for this model have grown by 25% in 2017, and with the two major hurricanes of this year, we saw a big portion of those sales go to fleet buyers, such as car rental agencies. In the end, the Rogue has taken on the role of Nissan’s most popular vehicle in the United States.

#1 – Toyota RAV4

Another crossover built on a car platform, the RAV4 tops the list for best-selling cars in 2017 thanks to its sleek design and sporty features. In the month of November alone, Toyota has sold roughly 28,700 Rav4s, making this their best November performance to date. In fact, this is the Rav4’s 11th consecutive best-ever month, in terms of sales, making the model a pivotal part of Toyota’s status as the biggest seller of cars in the United States right now.

Toyota to Introduce Fleet of Electric Vehicles by Early 2020s

As of right now, Toyota doesn’t have a single electric vehicle in its entire fleet, which has been surprising given the moves that other automotive manufacturers have been making towards electric-power. That is all expected to change very soon, however, according to a decision that was announced by Toyota Motor Corp. in mid-December.  

As Automotive News reports, Toyota has decided to enter the race and release more than 10 electric vehicles by the early 2020s.

The first electric vehicles from Toyota will be released in China before eventually opening up sales in Japan, India, Europe and the U.S. The plan is to have 10 battery-powered electric vehicles worldwide by the early 2020s, in addition to electric versions of all of the models currently available from Toyota and Lexus by 2025. There will also be additional gasoline-electric hybrids from Toyota, plug-in hybrids, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and more by 2030.

Through all of these efforts, Toyota believes it will sell more than 1 million electric vehicles or fuel cell vehicles by that time.

In the past, Toyota has steered clear of developing battery-powered vehicles in favor of gasoline-electric hybrids. As Japan’s biggest automaker and the manufacturer of some of the top-selling vehicles in the U.S., however, this move will likely catapult Toyota into the forefront over those that have been developing electric vehicles for years, such as Nissan.

This announcement also comes on the heels of another from Toyota and Japanese electronics company, Panasonic.

The two giants plan to join forces and study the development of high-performance batteries that can meet the needs of electronic vehicles. It’s Toyota’s goal to develop a solid-state battery that will allow car owners to drive longer on a single charge, and to experience shorter charging times overall. They also aim to develop a battery that is much safer than the current option, as each of these factors have contributed to Toyota’s hesitation to dive into the electric vehicle race sooner.

One thing that’s certain is that Toyota’s achievements in the auto industry thus far has everyone eager to see how they will fare against competitors come 2020. All signs point to success, as Toyota makes strides to change the electronic vehicle game all together.

Car Buyers Appreciate Safety Tech – But Aren’t Necessarily Looking for It

vehicle safety techA recent article from insurance publication Claims Journal reveals that although car buyers greatly appreciate their vehicle’s safety and connectivity features, those features rarely play a role in their purchasing decisions.

Based on the findings of a telematics study recently conducted by LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Claims Journal reports that only a mere 15 percent of car buyers are interested in advanced driver-assisted systems (ADAS) when making an automotive purchase.

ADAS features include anti-lock brakes, blind spot monitoring and tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), among others. The numbers on buyers seeking “connected car” features (in-vehicle WiFi, OnStar™, etc.) are only slightly more promising, at 19 percent.

However, the study finds that once buyers become aware of these features and begin to engage with them in their own vehicles, favorability skyrockets to 65 percent for connected car, and to 76 percent for ADAS-equipped vehicles.

The article gleans three key insights from these findings that it believes can be beneficial to both automakers and insurance providers when developing new products and services, especially as the insurance industry moves to ramp up consumer adoption of usage-based insurance (UBI.)


When asked, an overwhelming 80 percent of ADAS-equipped vehicle customers and 69 percent of connected car customers cited features pertaining to safety as being of paramount importance to them.

Customization & Control of Features

The study shows that while consumers apparently value ADAS and connected car features, they also crave some measure of control over those features. Half of all connected car owners and 36 percent of ADAS-equipped owners studied expressed that they would like the option to disable some or all of the ADAS/connected car features in their vehicle, in order to regain more control of the vehicle itself. The article lists adaptive cruise control, automatic braking, GPS/traffic warnings and smartphone connectivity, specifically. In addition, there were concerns over some features of connected car distracting drivers more than helping them.


As it concerns their personal driving data, approximately 70 percent of buyers expressed concerns over privacy, and cited it as a reason they are skittish about ADAS, particularly as it relates to usage-based insurance.

The article posits that it behooves automakers and insurers to take these concerns into consideration while developing new products and services.

“This unfolding consumer dynamic presents a unique opportunity for automakers to work with insurers to design services around the cars of the future,” said Pavan Mathew, director of OEM at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. “Sharing telematics data helps to strengthen the partnership between automakers and insurers and enables the delivery of valuable, customer-friendly features that help their shared customers be safer drivers, while also opening the door for new business opportunities.”

PermaPlate Welcomes Michael Stevens as Vice President of Technology

Michael StevensIT veteran Michael Stevens to head Corporate IT Department

Salt Lake City, UT, December 20, 2017 – PermaPlate, a leading source of automotive protection products and world-class warranty administration, announced a new addition to the company’s Information Technology team.  Michael Stevens was named VP of Technology.

In his new role, Stevens will assess existing and new technology in conjunction with the needs of PermaPlate, and its affiliates, and implement those processes necessary to remain a leader in the automotive industry.

Stevens has been architecting, implementing, and administering world class information systems for more than 20 years with companies like 3COM,, and AccessData. In addition, he has spent over a decade developing cutting-edge data collection and analytics tools while serving as CIO, CTO, and COO for a global computer forensics company. Most recently, Stevens served as CIO for Domega, a data acquisition and aggregation business in Orem, Utah. In his free time, he serves on multiple executive advisory boards for the technology departments at Utah Valley University.

“Michael has extensive technology experience that will be leveraged to continue to streamline internal processes and deliver superior solutions to our customers and dealers,” said PermaPlate President John Nisson.

Siskin Enterprises, Inc., headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, is an industry leader in the manufacturing of automotive appearance protection products and in the delivery of world class warranty administration services to the automotive industry. Siskin Enterprises, Inc. is the manufacturer of PermaPlate branded products which are sold through participating auto dealerships throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Car Shopping in December: What to Know

car shopping Although many people shop for cars during Black Friday weekend, many dealerships are offering competitive deals in time for 2018.

If you’re looking to purchase a car for a reasonable price, consider shopping before January to get a great price on a variety of new vehicles.

Dealerships often offer major discounts in the month of December in order to make room for up-to-date models. A large majority of 2017 models will be offered in December for extremely discounted rates, plenty of them with incentives and rebates, in order to make room for 2018 models.

Chevrolet is offering an incentive called “Employee Pricing for All” through the month of December, which will discount 2016, 2017, and even some 2018 models to employee pricing rates.

There are a tremendous amount of incentives being offered on luxury vehicles as well; Jaguar and Volvo are offering between $20,000 and $30,000 off certain models.

A large majority of 2018 Chevy Cruzes are available with zero percent financing down for 60 months. Ford is also offering zero percent financing down on many models for 72 months. Keep in mind that some exclusions will apply on these offers and many are dealership dependent.

Below are two specific options available for a good price before the year 2018 arrives:

Chevrolet Malibu

Chevy is now offering between $2,000 and $3,000 off the 2018 Malibu, dependent on the region. There are still plenty of 2017 models left as well, and purchasing an older model can get you more money off initially. Paired with the “Employee Pricing for All” option in certain cases, you could get a new Malibu for a very affordable price. With zero percent financing available on some vehicles as well, this is a deal worth considering.

Buick Encore

With a large amount of 2017 Buick Encore models left at dealerships; you can score one of these for an extremely reasonable price. Up until Jan. 2, the company is offering up to $4,000 off certain vehicles. People with solid credit scores can receive 1.9 percent financing for 60 months.

New Details on the Updated 2018 Audi Q5

leather interiorAudi has produced several cars classified as an “Audi Q5” but they recently released an updated version of the SUV that has received a ton of positive recognition.

The 2018 Audi Q5 is now available internationally, packed with interior space and the latest technology.

The car has some advanced safety features, including vehicle and pedestrian sensors to help prevent collisions and automatic brakes that engage to reduce the chances of an accident. Certain models of the 2018 Audi Q5 also detect surrounding cars to help reduce the amount of blind spots.

In fact, the technology in the Audi Q5 2018 is so impressive that it earned the SUV the “Best Auto Tech Award for Luxury Brands” from Kelley Blue Book.

If the car predicts a crash is coming, it can even close the windows and sunroof to protect passengers.

The Audi Q5 2018 has a 2.0-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine with 252 horsepower, a significant increase from the 2017 model which only held 220 horsepower. Drivers are able to reach 60mph in just 5.8 seconds and the all-wheel drive version of the car has a seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission.

The interior of the car is turning heads as well, and although the car was built to drive, it’s been built with comfort in mind. The interface is a user-friendly touchscreen, equipped with GPS. The HD panel is 12.3 inches, complete with a variety of controls that make simple actions easier.

The car is also fairly large, with comfortable and spacious seating room. It also comes with plenty of trunk space and two adults can fit in the backseat with space to spare, something that doesn’t often come with luxury vehicles.

All-Electric Jaguar Hot Topic of Car Conversation

I-Pace Release with JaguarJaguar has been gradually releasing details about their first all-electric vehicle for quite some time. In recent months, several industry experts got to ride in a prototype of the SUV, releasing more details on what consumers can expect.

The I-Pace, Jaguar’s first electric vehicle, is expected to arrive in the United States in the fall of 2018.

Jaguar is a British automaker that has produced luxury vehicles for decades, and has worked tirelessly to develop an all-electric SUV to meet the desires of many consumers. The car has two electric motors which both contain 200 horsepower, capable of reaching 60mph in just four seconds. The car reach up to about 250 miles or so on one battery without needing to be charged.

The I-Pace is currently being built in Austria and rumor has it that there is a large amount of interested buyers waiting to purchase. In 2016, Jaguar sold about 150,000 cars globally which was a clear indication that they have a large following of committed consumers.

Jaguar has about 200 production prototypes of the I-Pace and has tested models for about 11,000 hours total in order to produce the best possible version.

Jaguar has not revealed any details about the exterior or interior appearance of the car and kept it completely covered when offering industry experts a spin. However, the five-seat SUV was reviewed as spacious and comfortable from those who got a glance at the prototype.

The car will start selling in Europe in the late summer months of 2018 and is predicted to hit the United Sates in the fall of 2018. The price of the I-Pace as not yet been released but details are expected in March 2018.

Shop from Your Dashboard with GM Models

Shop from Your Dashboard with GM ModelsIf you are wondering what it would be like to shop for specific items right from your car, you could soon find out if you plan on getting certain GM models.

GM released details on a “GM Marketplace” concept which will allow drivers to purchase a variety of services right from the dashboard of their car.

GM Marketplace will allow drivers to purchase food, gas, coffee, and more right from the touchscreen dashboard on their vehicle. Several major companies have already agreed to be part of it including IHOP, Applebee’s, Starbucks, and many more.

From ordering a customized coffee to making restaurant reservations, drivers will be able to complete a large majority of their “to-do list” right from the car. If you own certain 2017 or 2018 GM models (including Buick, GMC, Chevrolet, and Cadillac) you might soon receive the Marketplace application. Marketplace will be uploaded to 1.9 million models with more receiving the update as of 2018.

GM has discussed that the Marketplace system will be easy to use with minimal interaction which should prevent the risk of distracted driving from becoming an issue. GM is hoping that if someone’s dashboard has these types of capabilities will reduce the number of people using their phone instead.

Although Marketplace offers convenience, drivers will still need to wait in line for purchases; you’ll simply just be paying for it ahead of time.

There seems to be mixed reviews on whether this concept will take off or not, but regardless, many major companies seem to be standing behind it.

Preview of Cars Expected at Los Angeles Auto Show

New Car Releases Many people are eager to see the variety of automobiles that will surface at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week.

The Los Angeles Auto Show showcases a variety of new car releases where automakers reveal the details of their latest concepts.

BMW i8 Roadster

BMW is planning to highlight the BMW i8 Roadster, a car that has been in the works for quite some time. It is a convertible model that is expected to have a softer roof in order to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. It is expected to have improved range and power compared to the original 2014 model.

Subaru Ascent SUV

The Subaru Ascent SUV will be a three-row family crossover complete with all-wheel drive capabilities. This is the first Subaru model that should be able to fit larger families and is expected to comfortably seat seven people at once. It is expected to cost a bit over $30,000 and should be available in early 2018.

Mercedes CLS-Class

The Mercedes CLS-Class is the third generation of this four-door coupe redesigned for 2018. So far, the only look at this car we’ve gotten is a shadow-filled image that the company released where just the outline is visible. The latest Mercedes is expected to cost a minimum of $75,150 ranging up to $180,900.

Jeep Wrangler

The latest Jeep Wrangler is an SUV version of the coveted classic. Although photos of the latest jeep have been released, there have been minimal details given on how it is different compared to previous models. It has been said that the car will have better technology and safety features but we haven’t gotten much more.

Details Discovered on the Buick Enclave

Luxury SUV Car ReleaseOver the course of several decades, well-known automaker Buick has been working to create more luxurious vehicles and their latest release, the 2018 Buick Enclave Avenir is a direct reflection of that.

The 2018 Buick Enclave Avenir was designed to be a high-end, modern, spacious, and practical luxury vehicle for families.

Buick has been doing well from a sales perspective in the United States, even outselling popular competitors, likely because they keep producing cars that fit the needs and expectations of consumers.

The 2018 Buick Enclave Avenir has an overall attractive exterior, especially for a vehicle with three rows of space inside. Although the car is large, Buick managed to keep the entire exterior sleek and slender. It is available in only five metallic colors: black, gold, white, and two different shades of gray.

The interior of the 2018 Buick Enclave Avenir is both spacious and luxurious with mahogany steering wheel trim and a stitched leather interior. It is capable of fitting seven total people which will still leave drivers with plenty of storage space, a requirement of a family-aimed car.

With relatively easy-to-use technology and dashboard controls that are simple to figure out, the Enclave Avenir is relatively user-friendly. It has simple phone pairing instructions as well with standard Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

The Enclave Avenir has a 310-hp, 3.6-liter V-6 engine which is managed by a nine-speed automatic transmission, making it easy for the large car to accelerate. Although it is not designed to be a sport-aimed vehicle, the Enclave Avenir has relatively strong driving capabilities.

Aston Martin Debuts Vantage Sports Car

Vantage Sports Car ReleaseAston Martin recently revealed a new sports car model in London called the Vantage, an upcoming car that will be affordable and modernized compared to other models.

The Vantage by Aston Martin is a compact, V8 sports car with 503 horsepower that is running at the starting price of $150,000.

Details released on the Vantage revealed that the car will reach up to 195 miles per hour and is being designed with incredible aerodynamics in mind. The car will consist of a four-liter twin-turbo V8 engine to create 505 pound-feet of torque and will be able to achieve a speed of 60mph in less than four seconds.

The car has been designed to perform as a sports car with an engine that sits relatively low in order to improve the car’s center of gravity and weight distribution. The low engine should also help to improve stability and cornering. The Vantage will also have a built-in power steering system that will self-adjust based on the car’s speed.

People that purchase a Vantage will be able to choose from a variety of wheel finishes, choose specific interior and exterior detailing, and select from a variety of upholstery options providing buyers with plenty of customizable options for a price.

The overall appearance of the car is much different compared to previous Aston Martin models, with smoother curves, large side vents, and an overall muscular appearance that is representative of the true power the car holds. The car also has unique headlights and taillights that are representative of Aston Martin’s models distinctive appearance.

The Vantage is relatively affordable in price compared to other Aston Martin models, being referred to as an “entry-level” model because the starting price falls at about $150,000. However, the car won’t be available in the United States until early 2018.

2017 Black Friday Car Shopping Tips

Advice on Car ShoppingWith Thanksgiving approaching, many people are preparing to go shopping on Black Friday for deals on clothing, electronics, footwear, and more.

If you want to make the most out of your Black Friday, you should consider going car shopping for major deals.

Black Friday sales have become a major focus for car dealerships. In fact, 15 percent of November car sales take place on Black Friday weekend. If you’re looking to purchase a new car, consider shopping around this weekend.

Look for Incentives

If you are planning to car shop on Black Friday, do your research beforehand and seek out automakers that are offering incentives. Look for valuable incentives such as cash back, zero percent financing, zero money down, and so forth.

Look for Closeouts

The end of 2017 means that 2018 is just around the corner, and so are the 2018 car models. The end of November is when many dealerships will start to get a surplus of 2018 cars so those 2017 models must go in order to space for updated models. Many dealerships sell 2017 cars for discounted rates in order to make room for new models.

Look for Demand Shifts

Throughout the years, the type of car that people are looking for changes. As public demand shifts, people often start looking for specific types of cars and dealerships must keep up. For example, SUV sales increased drastically in October and as a result, some dealerships that have a surplus of cars will likely mark them down.

Deals to Look For

If you are thinking about purchasing a car this Friday, take a look at some discounts that Forbes highlighted. Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, and more all have incentives and discounts available. Some are offering discounts off the stickered price and others are offering zero percent financing.