Nissan Electric Delivery Van at your Service

Nissan never calls, never writes and then BAM, they hit is with a really cool new electric vehicle. This isn’t just any electric vehicle either. They are poised to launch their all new electric delivery van next year. Okay, we know it’s not necessarily “cool” to our car loving audience, but you can’t tell me there isn’t a caterer out there among you that is just a little bit excited.

The Nissan e-NV200, which debuted at last year’s Detroit Auto Show is basically a Nissan Leaf with the body of a van. The e-NV200 has the same 110-horsepower electric motor and 24 kWh battery pack, though it is likely less aerodynamic and heavier than the Leaf, which will affect the range. But for local business owners with drivers who never stray far from home, the e-NV200 could drastically cut the costs of doing business, though it probably won’t get much more than 70 miles per charge if you factor in a full payload.

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