Not Sure if a Minivan is Right for You and Your Growing Family?

unpacking a minivanEarlier this month, Chrysler unveiled the Pacifica, a minivan that will replace the Chrysler Town & Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan in 2017. Although this vehicle has a sleeker design than its predecessors, we aren’t sold on the idea that the minivan will become cool. But for the growing family, there are plenty of benefits to driving this practical and roomy vehicle. Known for its high safety ratings and ability to move almost anything, the minivan isn’t an option to discredit while shopping for a vehicle that your whole family will enjoy.

Interior Space

For families with three or more children, third row seating is a must. With plenty of space for your kids, their friends and Fido, driving a minivan prevents you from hearing the constant complaints from the little ones squished together in the back seat. Yes, someone will still make it their mission to bother someone else, but it is much easier to separate the troublemakers when driving a minivan than it is while driving a two or four door sedan.

Not only does a minivan provide plenty of space for your family, but it also offers more than enough cargo space for your groceries, sports equipment and more. Just bought a new dresser? Need a few sheets of plywood for your next big project? Taking your teen snowboarding? Just fold down or take out your back seats to create all the room you need to move almost anything.

Family-Friendly Features

Minivans have really stepped up their game since their introduction in the 1980s. With versatile seating options, rear air-conditioning, power-sliding doors, USB ports, entertainment systems and more, you can keep the kids content no matter how far away your destination may be.

V6 Engine

Now standard among most minivans, the V6 engine provides more than adequate acceleration and about 25 miles per gallon on the highway. While you won’t be able to outrun a Camaro, you sure won’t feel like you are driving your mother’s old minivan.

Regardless of whether you decide to go with the family-friendly minivan, an SUV or a mid-size sedan, PermaPlate is here for all your automotive protection needs.


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